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This section of the site is dedicated to those in the CEO/Executive Director role. Articles and tools have been selected for this area to help you become a CEO, connect with fellow peers, and lead your organization.

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Three Key Roles Funders Can Play in a CEO Transition

Changes in a nonprofit’s leadership affect the organization's staff, its board, and potentially how it will achieve its goals. With so much at stake, it's important that a funder works with the nonprofit it supports to ensure a smooth transition—and help sustain the organization until it gets a new leader.

Evaluations for All: Even the CEO Deserves a Report Card

Making the evaluation process a natural part of the organizational culture can help align staff with strategic goals. But it doesn’t stop with staff. Establishing a culture where a formal, documented, fair, and pragmatic annual evaluation is routinely expected needs to extend to the CEO evaluation process, driven by the board.

Executive Director Candidates: What You Should Find Out About Your Prospective Role

What you should find out when interviewing for a nonprofit Executive Director/CEO position.

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When a New Strategic Direction Means a New Board

ReSurge International historically had sent volunteer surgical teams to developing countries to conduct reconstructive surgeries. But when CEO Susan Hayes arrived, new business models and technology existed that could help them realize the founder’s ultimate goal: empowering local surgeons to do the surgeries themselves. In this Q&A, Hayes shares how she led the organization and its board in changing ReSurge’s strategic direction.

CEO Perspectives: Linda Rottenberg, Co-founder and CEO, Endeavor Global

Looking back on her work as the CEO and co-founder of Endeavor Global, a nonprofit that transforms emerging countries by supporting high-impact entrepreneurs, Linda Rottenberg points to one thing that shaped all phases of Endeavor’s development: its people. In this “CEO Perspectives,” Rottenberg shares how engaging and leveraging highly talented individuals has influenced the organization’s success and her own role as a nonprofit leader.

James O'S Morton: Life as a Nonprofit CEO

The day-to-day responsibilities for nonprofit chief executive officers (CEOs) can vary greatly. To help would-be nonprofit CEOs better understand the role, we interviewed James O’S Morton, president and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Springfield, about the challenges he first faced when joining the Y, and his ongoing responsibilities as CEO.

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