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With the Right Development, Leaders Can Make a Measurable Difference

Donna Stark, vice president, talent and development at the Annie E. Casey Foundation, harbors two strong beliefs: investing in leaders has the highest return on philanthropic investments, and leadership development is one of the clearest paths to social change. In this article she shares Casey’s approach to leadership development and highlights the myths funders need to dispel to better address the issue of leadership development among their grantees.

Making Social Sector Apprenticeships Part of the College Experience

The social sector needs to develop more talent, says Eric Schwarz, former CEO of Citizen Schools and recent founder of College for Social Innovation.  His new venture aims to help fill the sector’s talent pipeline by making high quality experience-based learning at nonprofits available to students as part of their college experience.

Hiring a Coach: Is it Right for You?

Numerous studies have shown that investment in high-impact leadership development can dramatically increase the odds of achieving or exceeding organizational goals. Coaching, in particular, is a unique opportunity for leaders to meet regularly with someone whose only purpose is to help them be more successful. In her latest column, Nicki Roth discusses the benefits of having coach, how to choose one, and how to get the most from a coaching relationship

What Training Do You Offer Your Fundraisers?

The question “What training do you offer your fundraisers to make them more effective at the sales side of the nonprofit world?” was posted by a member of Bridgespan’s Nonprofit Executive Director/CEO LinkedIn group. Here we’ve curated answers to the question from the group, which provide advice and consider the difference between fundraising and sales.

Effective Delegation in Three Simple Steps

Delegation is a balance between trusting others to get the work done while offering a sufficient amount of support to ensure the assignment is successfully completed. These simple three steps from Jerry Hauser of The Management Center can help nonprofit leaders ensure their goals are met while empowering their staff members to take on greater responsibilities.

How to Create Nonprofit Stories that Inspire

Good stories are always people stories, says Andy Goodman, a nationally recognized speaker, author, and consultant in the field of public interest communications and the director of The Goodman Center. In his second interview with The Bridgespan Group he discusses how to create stories that can move people to act and points out the biggest mistakes nonprofits make when storytelling.

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Stephanie Seale: Filling the Gaps

Stephanie Seale, senior manager/program developer at San Francisco-based Inveneo, knew from the time she graduated from college that she wanted to work in the nonprofit field. With an eye towards marrying that aspiration with her interests in technology and international work, she set about gaining experience in those interests and building skills that would help her progress in her nonprofit career.