Chief Financial Officer

This area is dedicated to the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in nonprofit organizations. Learn about the role, how to become a nonprofit CFO, connect with other nonprofit CFOs, and find a CFO for your organization.

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Is a CPA Necessary for a Nonprofit CFO?

A member of our LinkedIn groups asked if a CPA is necessary for a nonprofit CFO, and if it effects relationships with external audit firms. The community has provided some excellent advice that could be useful to all.

The Nonprofit Chief Financial Officer

In this era of increased scrutiny of financial performance and reporting, greater accountability to the public trust, and rapid growth in the size and complexity of individual organizations, many nonprofits are focusing on the chief financial officer (CFO) function. What exactly are the roles and responsibilities of the nonprofit CFO? What unique challenges do nonprofit CFOs face and what are their keys to success? How do the challenges and success factors vary depending on the size and type of organization?

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Mike Dunn, CPA: Consolidating Financial Operations at Outward Bound Inc.

Mike Dunn used his experience merging three geographically dispersed family-owned businesses to become a key player in the consolidation of seven independent, regional Outward Bound schools into one national organization.