Chief Financial Officer

This area is dedicated to the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in nonprofit organizations. Learn about the role, how to become a nonprofit CFO, connect with other nonprofit CFOs, and find a CFO for your organization.

Featured Content

CFO Fitness Quiz: Are You Tough Enough for the Caring Sector?

Whether you are considering becoming a nonprofit chief financial officer (CFO) or are hiring one, the questions in this CFO Fitness Quiz can help inform your decision.

Finding the Right CFO for Your Organization

The key to finding the right chief financial officer (CFO) for your nonprofit organization is to consider what qualities, skills, and experience will provide a good fit with the needs of your organization. Through Bridgespan’s research and talent-matching work, we have identified practices that seem to increase the chances of finding the right person.

How to Talk About Finances So Non-Financial Folks Will Listen

A variety of nonprofit chief financial officers and technical assistance providers offer ideas and advice on how to make financial information come alive for your organization’s frontline staff.

Featured Profile

Janice Bigelow, CPA: Becoming the First CFO at Communities In Schools

Communities In Schools hired Janice Bigelow as its first full-time CFO in January 2005. Prior to accepting the position, she conducted a thorough assessment of whether the organization was ready to hire a CFO, and whether she was the right fit for the position.