Hiring Nonprofit Leaders

This area of the site features ideas, tools, and techniques for those responsible for hiring nonprofit managers and leaders in their organization and it is part of the Leadership Effectiveness learning center.

Featured Content

Building a Field-Specific Leadership Pipeline

The Bridgespan Group helped a group of funders in the field of Jewish nonprofits to take a more strategic approach to building a leadership pipeline. While the findings and recommendations in this report are specific to this field, many of the themes may ring true for other fields. More importantly, the approach these funders took to set their field up for success is worth considering. 

The Secret to Transformative Scale: Hire Right

Over the past 15 years, Rob Waldron has scaled three high-growth education organizations. Achieving growth, however, wasn’t always pretty. Along the way he wishes he had known earlier that being an excellent recruiter is more important, and more difficult, than being an outstanding manager.

Stop Reacting and Start Planning Ahead: Why Your Nonprofit May Need a Chief Strategy Officer

Do nonprofits need a chief strategy officer? Increasingly, the answer is yes for nonprofit leaders. This trio of chief strategy office (CSO) profiles offers a glimpse of the value of the role in a nonprofit and the many ways nonprofit CEOs work with their CSOs to achieve their organizations’ strategic goals in the short term and help build a path over the long.

Marketing Needs a Seat at the Table

Having someone on your leadership team with a marketing mindset can help drive your organization’s strategy and mission. Interviews with four nonprofit marketing leaders illustrate how.


Nonprofit Hiring Toolkit

An eight step guide to help you navigate the process of developing and implementing a thoughtful hiring strategy including the right tools to make the process run smoothly.

Nonprofit Job Description Toolkit

Resources to help you write an effective job description including sample job descriptions and examples of how to communicate your organization's mission and its intentions for filling the role.