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This area of the site features ideas, tools, and techniques for those responsible for hiring nonprofit managers and leaders in their organization and it is part of the Leadership Effectiveness learning center.

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Setting Strategy with Data: The Evolving Role of Nonprofit Chief Marketing Officers

The role of the nonprofit chief marketing officer (CMOs) is changing to include not only what we think of as brand steward—communicating the brand and value proposition—but also that of “chief sense maker,” charged with using any (and all) tools at his or her disposal to reach out to, listen to, make sense of, and then adapt organizational strategy to the marketplace. Here, three CMOs talk about how their roles are changing and what it means to how they serve their constituents.

Becoming a More Diverse Nonprofit: Make Your Values Tangible

Building a truly diverse organization requires more than just adding “diversity” to the list of strategic goals and making a few key hires. To really transform a nonprofit into one where diversity is woven into the fabric of its culture, you need to begin by defining diversity as an organizational value and creating an environment in which all employees can truly live into that value.

Help Wanted: Millennials Need Apply

Millennials are quickly becoming an important talent pool for the nonprofit sector. And while young people are interested in meaningful careers, many don’t understand the sector and are hesitant to seek jobs within it. Here are three barriers nonprofits face in attracting Millennial talent—and what the sector can do about them.

Five Ways to Build and Maintain Staff Diversity

Independent Sector's 2013 American Express NGen Fellows selected the National Audubon Society for a project focused on strategies for talent diversity. Through their work, the Fellows and Audubon surfaced ways Audubon could increase diversity in its organization.

Interim Executive Management: Seven Benefits to Consider

A nonprofit that loses a top leader faces an anxiety-producing situation even under the best circumstances. But losing an executive without a succession plan in place can be particularly agonizing. Nonprofits are increasingly engaging professional transition consultants as interim executives, which can help them fill the short-term gap to give them time to consider the organization’s longer-term future.


Nonprofit Hiring Toolkit

An eight step guide to help you navigate the process of developing and implementing a thoughtful hiring strategy including the right tools to make the process run smoothly.

Nonprofit Job Description Toolkit

Resources to help you write an effective job description including sample job descriptions and examples of how to communicate your organization's mission and its intentions for filling the role.