Hiring Nonprofit Leaders

This area of the site features ideas, tools, and techniques for those responsible for hiring nonprofit managers and leaders in their organization and it is part of the Leadership Effectiveness learning center.

Featured Content

Marketing Needs a Seat at the Table

Having someone on your leadership team with a marketing mindset can help drive your organization’s strategy and mission. Interviews with four nonprofit marketing leaders illustrate how.

Building a Talent Pipeline

Being thoughtful about a nonprofit’s future talent needs can help an organization develop and maintain a steady stream of people to turn to when it’s time to hire. This steady stream—or talent pipeline—not only can help nonprofit leaders fill critical positions, but also can help them cultivate people who will be able to step into leadership roles—even at the senior management level—successfully down the road.

I Need a COO: The Translation

Often nonprofit leaders see the COO as the Superman/woman who will bring order to operational chaos and generally make life easier for the ED.  But that’s not always the case. Getting things back on track often requires more than a COO; it requires understanding why the train left the track in the first place.


Nonprofit Hiring Toolkit

An eight step guide to help you navigate the process of developing and implementing a thoughtful hiring strategy including the right tools to make the process run smoothly.

Nonprofit Job Description Toolkit

Resources to help you write an effective job description including sample job descriptions and examples of how to communicate your organization's mission and its intentions for filling the role.