Hiring from the For-profit Sector

This section of the Hiring Nonprofit Leaders learning center is dedicated to those nonprofits recruiting out of the for-profit sector ("bridgers"). Articles, tools, and templates are available here to help you source, interview, and evaluate these candidates and how their skills might translate to your nonprofit organization.

Hiring a Bridger

To position themselves to take advantage of the skills bridgers (for-profit professionals transitioning to the nonprofit sector for the first time) have to offer, nonprofit organizations should be aware of the challenges some bridgers encounter and utilize the lessons learned by nonprofits that have hired bridgers in the past.

Hiring a Bridger: Interview Guide

The key to success in any hiring process is finding the candidate with the right skills, interests, and qualities for your organization. This interview guide can help nonprofit organizations assess a bridger candidate’s (a for-profit professional transitioning to the nonprofit sector for the first time) transferable experience and qualities.

Hiring a Bridger: Referencing Guide

Conducting professional references is an important step in the search process. This guide, used as a supplement to an organization’s existing reference-checking process, can help assess a candidate moving from for-profit to nonprofit’s transferable experience and qualities.