Programs Job Descriptions

Senior program management roles differ based on the extent of general management and operational skill and experience required. Often, at larger nonprofits, the vice president of programs position is similar to an executive director role in that it has responsibility for fundraising, program development and delivery, budget and team management, and public speaking and relationship management (see Vice President of Programs). At some smaller nonprofits, the senior program manager focuses solely on program management and does not have fundraising responsibilities. In contrast, some smaller organizations will configure a vice president of programs role that entails broad operational responsibility including human resources, and program evaluation and expansion across the entire organization, as in the Vice President of Regional Programs and Operations description.

Each sample job description is intended to be a jumping off point, and likely will need to be tailored to meet the particular needs of your organization. Feel free to use and tailor these descriptions for your needs.
Director of Programs

This sample job description shares how one small multi-site and multi-program nonprofit organization configured its director of programs role. The director of programs has an externally facing role managing relationships in the community with a heavy emphasis on team management and development, and establishing standards of performance across all programs.

Vice President of Regional Programs and Operations

This sample job descriptions shares how one small nonprofit organization configured its vice president of programs and operations role. In addition to managing multiple program managers, this role encompasses human resources, evaluation, and knowledge management.

Vice President, Programs

This sample job description shares how one large nonprofit's vice president of programs oversees the general management of all program areas, which includes program development, delivery, and evaluation, as well as fundraising, budget setting, knowledge management, and all external relationship management.