Recruiting Board Members

This section of the Hiring Nonprofit Leaders learning center and the Leadership Effectiveness learning center is dedicated to nonprofits
seeking to add to their board of directors. Included are articles generously donated by our friends at BoardSource. We hope you find them helpful during your recruiting process.

Beyond Political Correctness: Building a Diverse Board

Achieving diversity on a nonprofit board is a challenging—but doable and essential—task. Here we share three strategies identified by our content partner BoardSource that can help board members better embrace diversity and create more inclusive environments.

Board Job Descriptions

These brief job descriptions, from BoardSource, share the basic responsibilities of nonprofit board roles including: chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer. Use these samples to create your own for your organization's needs.

Board Matchmaking

Making that perfect board match often eludes many nonprofits, primarily because of a missed connection between where the organization is in its evolution and what kind of board can be the most helpful.

Board Orientation

Every nonprofit board has a culture that is defined by its customs, traditions, and practices—and every new nonprofit board member needs an introduction to that culture. Courtesy of BoardSource, this article shares the importance of board orientation and how a nonprofit can approach introducing new board members to their roles, other board members, and the organization.

Recruiting and Keeping GOOD Board Members

A member of our LinkedIn groups asked the community how to best recruit active and involved board members who can provide leadership, here are their suggestions.

Right from the Start: What Your Nonprofit Board Needs in Three Easy Tables

To fulfill your nonprofit's strategic goals, you need a well-rounded, fully functional board capable of taking on any challenge. Here’s how to get one using three simple tools from the Georgia Center of Nonprofits.