Leadership Effectiveness

Effectively leading a nonprofit organization takes more than strong leadership skills. It takes an ability to build and align teams that will fulfill an organization’s strategic priorities. The ideas, tools, and resources found here can help nonprofit leaders develop their skills, and build and develop their leadership teams.

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Nonprofit Leadership Development: What's Your "Plan A" 
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The C-Suite Secret to Success: Creative Leadership

In today’s world, creativity and leadership have quickly become a popular class couple in both for-profit and nonprofit schools of thought. And nonprofits, especially, desperately need creative thinkers, doers, and leaders to meet the increasing demands for their programs and services.. 

10 Things Departing Nonprofit CEOs Should Do to Manage Their Exits

When nonprofit CEOs move on, their organizations will need to devote appropriate time and resources to managing the transition. The longer an executive has been in place, or the more significant his or her impact, the harder he or she will be to replace—and the more challenges a successor will likely face. An exit strategy can guide the transition process and help ensure that both the departing CEO and the organization thrive in life’s next chapter.

360 Feedback Tools: How to Get the Most Value

At its best, a 360 feedback process gathers input from bosses, peers, and direct reports that paves the way for a leader’s professional growth. The process often is misused, however, and can even feel punitive to the leader involved. Saroga’s Nicki Roth offers a framework and best practices for creating a 360 process that builds a path to professional development and more effective leadership.

The Nonprofit Board's Role in Onboarding and Supporting a New CEO

The number one responsibility of any board—for-profit or nonprofit—is effective management of the senior executive, especially a new one. Yet, nonprofit leaders often report to Bridgespan that their boards fall short of that goal. Here are five ways nonprofit boards can more effectively onboard and support their new CEOs.

Nonprofit Leadership Development Toolkit

Bridgespan’s Nonprofit Leadership Development Toolkit, and the leadership development guide, videos, and tools within it, are designed to share stories, lessons, and immediately actionable next steps so that you can effectively work with your senior leadership team to develop the next generation of leaders for your organization.

Nonprofit Leadership Development: What's Your "Plan A" for Growing Future Leaders?

Many nonprofit leaders and boards confront the question of leadership development only when faced with a succession crisis. Rather than an ad hoc response to crisis, this guide treats leadership development as a proactive and systematic investment in building a pipeline of leaders within an organization, sharing strategies nonprofits can use in their day-to-day operations.