Leadership Effectiveness

Effectively leading a nonprofit organization takes more than strong leadership skills. It takes an ability to build and align teams that will fulfill an organization’s strategic priorities. The ideas, tools, and resources found here can help nonprofit leaders develop their skills, and build and develop their leadership teams.

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Featured Content

How to Talk Mergers with Boards and Senior Staff

Three key emotionally charged issues can surface when nonprofit merger talks begin--creating board alignment; defining roles for senior staff; and blending brands. This excerpt from the Stanford Social Innovation Review article "Why Nonprofit Mergers Continue to Lag" highlights how nonprofit leaders can keep talks on track in the face of those challenges.

Measuring the ROI of Human Capital Management

Human capital management, says AchieveMission’s James Shepard, is about having the right people, in the right roles, working on the right priorities—all in a way that maximizes their contributions today and over time. In this Q&A, Shepard talks about how to make the argument for implementing stronger human capital management practices through the lens of measuring their ROI.

Turning the Art of Leadership Development into Science

When Good Shepherd Services merged with two smaller nonprofits, it compelled the nonprofit to take a more rigorous approach to developing emerging leaders. This article highlights the steps the nonprofit took and the tools it uses in its ongoing development of nonprofit leaders.

Effective Delegation in Three Simple Steps

Delegation is a balance between trusting others to get the work done while offering a sufficient amount of support to ensure the assignment is successfully completed. These simple three steps from Jerry Hauser of The Management Center can help nonprofit leaders ensure their goals are met while empowering their staff members to take on greater responsibilities.

Nonprofit Leadership Development Toolkit

Bridgespan’s Nonprofit Leadership Development Toolkit, and the leadership development guide, videos, and tools within it, are designed to share stories, lessons, and immediately actionable next steps so that you can effectively work with your senior leadership team to develop the next generation of leaders for your organization.

Nonprofit Leadership Development: What's Your "Plan A" for Growing Future Leaders?

Many nonprofit leaders and boards confront the question of leadership development only when faced with a succession crisis. Rather than an ad hoc response to crisis, this guide treats leadership development as a proactive and systematic investment in building a pipeline of leaders within an organization, sharing strategies nonprofits can use in their day-to-day operations.