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This area is dedicated to those who wish to learn more about nonprofit boards, serve on a board of directors, or recruit new board members to join their organization. You will find tools, resources, and helpful articles, many provided by our friends at BoardSource. Also you may look for and post nonprofit board positions on our job board.

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The Nonprofit Board's Role in Onboarding and Supporting a New CEO

The number one responsibility of any board—for-profit or nonprofit—is effective management of the senior executive, especially a new one. Yet, nonprofit leaders often report to Bridgespan that their boards fall short of that goal. Here are five ways nonprofit boards can more effectively onboard and support their new CEOs.

Right from the Start: What Your Nonprofit Board Needs in Three Easy Tables

To fulfill your nonprofit's strategic goals, you need a well-rounded, fully functional board capable of taking on any challenge. Here’s how to get one using three simple tools from the Georgia Center of Nonprofits.

When a New Strategic Direction Means a New Board

ReSurge International historically had sent volunteer surgical teams to developing countries to conduct reconstructive surgeries. But when CEO Susan Hayes arrived, new business models and technology existed that could help them realize the founder’s ultimate goal: empowering local surgeons to do the surgeries themselves. In this Q&A, Hayes shares how she led the organization and its board in changing ReSurge’s strategic direction.

Starting Off on the Right Foot: How to Establish a Good ED-Board Relationship

To illustrate how boards and new executive directors/chief executive officers (EDs/CEOs) can lay a good foundation, we spoke with three CEOs and two board chairs about the preliminary steps they took to ensure their relationships worked from day one.

The Match Game: Ensuring Fit—and Effectiveness—as a Nonprofit Board Member

Make sure that your passions and unique abilities are a good match with the nonprofit’s mission and needs, says Phyllis Yale, a senior advisor to Bain & Company and longtime nonprofit board member. In this Q&A, she shares more advice for potential nonprofit board members, including how to ensure fit and how her for-profit skills have helped her contribute to the nonprofit boards on which she serves.


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