Decision Making & Structure

Given your organization's priorities are the decision-making roles and accountabilities clear? Does the overall structure support your strategy, with clear roles, responsibilities, reporting relationships, and coordinating mechanisms to integrate across departments? Read the insights and research shared here to discover ways to more effectively make decisions and structure your organization to increase its effectiveness.

Decision Making

RAPID Decision Making: What It Is, Why We Like It, and How to Get the Most Out of It

Decision making can be challenging for nonprofit leadership teams. But using tools—like RAPID®—can help nonprofit leaders and managers identify the activities that must occur in order for a decision to be made well.

Boys Town: Clarifying Decision-Making Roles Between Headquarters and Sites

Boys Town’s decision-making approach had served it well in the past, but the process had become cumbersome and posed a threat to the successful implementation of its new strategy. To move forward, Boys Town used RAPID®, a tool that helped the nonprofit clarify decision-making roles between headquarters and sites, and meet the goals of its new strategy.

Organizational Structure

Designing an Effective Organization Structure

This presentation outlines the basic principles of effective organization structure and describes the pros and cons of various organizational models.

Strategic Organization Design: An Integrated Approach

This white paper from consulting firm Oliver Wyman provides a design process and fundamental principals to guide organizational design efforts. While written with for-profits in mind, many of the principles can apply to any organization. (This link will take you to the Oliver Wyman website.)

Organizational Lessons for Nonprofits

This McKinsey Quarterly article highlights the importance of building organizational capacity, with an emphasis on organizational structure, through the example of Teach for America. (This link will take you to the McKinsey Quarterly website.)