Community Collaboratives

This collection of resources shares research that explores the keys to success of community collaboratives and recommends ways to drive more collective impact. It also includes a number of profiles of community collaboratives that have successfully addressed challenges in their communities, as well as three guides that can help collaboratives become more effective in their efforts.


Needle-Moving Community Collaboratives Revisited: Profiles in Persistence and Progress

In Needle Moving Community Collaboratives Bridgespan described a number of communities that worked collaboraitvely across business, government, philantrhopy, and nonprofits to produce measurable improvement on a challenging community issue. For this follow-up article we went back to the 11 communities whose collaborations remained active and looked at their patterns of persistence and progress over the past three years. While we did find progress, we also uncovered a set of common challenges that have foced them to learn and evolve in different ways.

Needle-Moving Community Collaboratives: A Promising Approach to Addressing America's Biggest Challenges

Community collaboratives aspire to do more with less by enlisting participants from every sector to work together toward a common goal. This report shares lessons from 12 needle-moving collaboratives that have made tremendous gains. These diverse efforts offer enormous promise to bring about broader, more lasting change across the nation.

Community Collaboratives: 12 Profiles of Community-Wide Change

A new kind of community collaborative—an approach that aspires to significant community-wide progress by enlisting multiple sectors to work together toward a common goal—offers real promise for bringing about broader, more lasting change across the nation.The 12 brief profiles presented here provide a window into the kinds of problems some of the most effective of these collaboratives have tackled and their paths to getting results.


Needle-Moving Collective Impact Guide: Community Collaborative Life Stages

This guide to collaborative life stages can assist community collaboratives to succeed at any stage in their life cycle—from planning and development, through roll-out and course-correcting, and on to deciding their next steps.

Needle-Moving Collective Impact Guide: Capacity and Structure

One of the defining characteristics of community collaboratives that really get things done is dedicated capacity. The purpose of this guide is to provide guidance and examples of how to structure and staff your collaborative to help ensure its success.

Needle-Moving Collective Impact Guide: The Next Generation of Community Participation

Many community collaborative leaders readily acknowledge that a strong community partnership is needed to thrive, and yet most believe they have much to learn about ways to engage the community. This guide highlights approaches to engagement and shares a number of examples of how collaboratives are effectively engaing their communities.