Performance Measurement

Social sector leaders repeatedly identify performance measurement as one of the most challenging aspects of their work, with fewer than one in four reporting that they adequately resource, staff, and prioritize this function. Bridgespan assists organizations in designing measurement strategies that promote learning and continuous improvement.

Our Work

What We Do

We help organizations develop measurement approaches that inform their key decisions, improve the quality of their services, and more rapidly innovate. Specifically, we work with organizations to:

  • Clarify and validate theories of change and logic models
  • Design performance management systems, including measures, roles, processes and reporting
  • Develop culture and infrastructure that enables learning at all levels
  • Develop multi-year measurement and evaluations plans
  • Create integrated measurement strategies for funders at the multiple levels of their work
  • Create shared measurement strategies for networks, associations, and collaboratives

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Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women: Measurement and Learning

In assisting Goldman Sachs as it launched a signature philanthropic initiative, Bridgespan helped design a performance management system that enabled continuous improvement and embodied the rigor with which Goldman Sachs measures in its core business.

Annie E. Casey Foundation: Improving Strategic Clarity and Grantee Capacity through Measurement

Bridgespan supported the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Education K-12 portfolio to better understand its own and grantees’ progress towards achieving intended results.

Bank of America's Neighborhood Builders Program: Assessing Progress and Recommending Improvements

In 2011, Bridgespan conducted a third-party assessment of Bank of America Charitable Foundation Neighborhood Builders® program designed to ascertain the program’s impact and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our Piece of the Pie: From Data to Decision Making

Bridgespan worked with Our Piece of the Pie ®, a leading youth development agency based in Hartford, CT, to unlock the value of its investment in a custom-designed performance measurement system to help build a culture of data-driven decision making.

YMCA of the USA: Measuring to Scale Signature Programs through a National Network

Bridgespan is supporting YMCA of the USA as it identifies, develops, proves, and scales signature programs through its network in the areas of early learning, after school, and summer learning.

Featured Research and Insights

Building Capacity to Measure and Manage Performance

Nonprofits that want to have more impact in the world also need the capacity to use measurement to improve their performance. Interviews with a wide range of nonprofit leaders and our own work with Bridgespan clients suggest five key elements to measurement success.

Measurement as Learning: What Nonprofit CEOs, Board Members, and Philanthropists Need to Know to Keep Improving

Measurement has become an increasingly hot topic as more funders want to know how their money is being used and as nonprofits undertake evaluations to prove that their programs work. But one of the most important uses of measurement is to improve performance, or performance measurement.

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