Revitalizing Communities

All people should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, regardless of their circumstances or the zip code into which they were born. To realize this ambition, Bridgespan leverages our experience in strategy and management to support communities, as they work to achieve the successes their residents envision for themselves, and individuals and families, as they pursue social and economic mobility.

Our Work

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative: Translating Vision Into an Actionable Strategic Plan

Bridgespan worked with Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) to refine its child-centered strategy to deliver high quality educational opportunities for youth and transform its neighborhood for all of its residents.

Family Independence Initiative: Collaborating to Develop a Compelling Strategy and Growth Plan

Bridgespan supported the Family Independence Initiative (FII) to develop its strategy and prioritize the actions needed to advance family-driven social mobility.

Featured Insights

Needle-Moving Community Collaboratives: A Promising Approach to Addressing America's Biggest Challenges

Community collaboratives aspire to do more with less by enlisting participants from every sector to work together toward a common goal. This report shares lessons from 12 needle-moving collaboratives that have made tremendous gains. These diverse efforts offer enormous promise to bring about broader, more lasting change across the nation.

Next Generation Community Revitalization: A Work in Progress

A new wave of efforts designed to break the cycle of poverty and revitalize distressed communities is attracting attention and support from every segment of society. This report highlights six emerging national networks that show potential to outperform their predessors, explores what makes them work, and warns of the risks that could make these efforts fail.

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