Strategy Development

Strategy is about getting critical resource decisions right—allocating time, talent, and dollars to the activities that have the greatest impact. The strategies we develop with our clients are anchored in their most critical decisions and grounded in our field and capability experience. We craft strategies to position clients to scale their impact in both the near- and longer-term. Over the last decade we have engaged with over 300 nonprofits and philanthropic organizations working with disadvantaged populations and tackling society’s toughest challenges.

Featured Insights

Delivering on the Promise of Nonprofits

As US nonprofits take on an increasing share of society's work, they face mounting pressure from stakeholders—donors, boards, employees—to show results. To make the greatest possible impact, they need to explicitly state the outcomes they're aiming for and how they plan to accomplish those goals.

Scaling Impact

How would your strategy change based on the answer to this question: “How can we get 100x the impact with only a 2x change in the size of the organization?” In this article, Managing Partner Jeffrey Bradach identifies strategies pioneers have used to grow impact beyond what their organizational size would seem capable of generating.

Zeroing in on Impact

Many nonprofits have Goliath-sized aspirations. In this piece, we look at the role of a well-articulated Intended Impact and coherent Theory of Change as a critical input into a strategy that will get results.