Children, Youth, and Families

There are more than 700,000 teen pregnancies each year in the U.S. Over 40,000 children live in foster care, and about five million 16- to 24-year-olds are out of school or work. Bridgespan works with organizations committed to overcoming these challenges to help ensure every young person reaches his or her potential and lives a healthy, productive life.

Our Work

Nurse-Family Partnership

How could Nurse-Family Partnership make its proven model for improving lives available to every low-income, first-time mother in the country? Bridgespan worked with the organization to create a strategy that would help it take a more purposeful approach to growth in order to develop a national presence.

Communities In Schools of Atlanta

Communities In Schools of Atlanta bounced back from financial difficulties when it was chosen to implement the national Project GRAD program in Atlanta schools. But the rapid growth resulting from this opportunity posed new challenges, including the risks of relying on a single dominant funding source. Bridgespan worked with Communities In Schools to both understand and navigate the risks while managing its rapid growth.

Boys Town

Historically, Boys Town offered a home and sense of family to at-risk children. Today, the organization also works with youth right in their families or creates family-type settings if that is not possible. This shift enabled the organization to increase its reach; however, even efforts of this scale do not begin to address the need. Bridgespan worked with Boys Town to develop a national plan to nearly double the number of children served in its Youth Care programs, and increase health care programs outreach.

Featured Content

Putting Clients at the Center: A Planning Guide for Multi-Service Organizations

This planning guide is for multi-service organizations interested in providing integrated services to clients, whether youth or adults, so that these clients can achieve long-term positive outcomes. Based primarily on the experiences of Four Oaks, a large multi-service organization serving children and families in eastern Iowa, the guide lays out a three-step approach to putting clients at the center.

Four Pillars of Growth for Youth-Serving Nonprofits

In 2009 the Bridgespan Group set out to study the factors critical to the growth of youth-serving organizations. We discovered that growth was rarely an unexpected windfall, but rather, more often the reward for nonprofit leaders' greater emphasis on key management disciplines.

Growing Network Impact

For decades, the primary pressure facing nonprofit networks was to build a bigger footprint—be in more places, serve more people. Now that pressure is being equaled by another: to get better. This executive summary outlines five critical elements for network improvement.

The View from the Cliff: Government-Funded Nonprofits Are Looking Out on Steep Cuts and an Uncertain Future

With most stimulus money gone and large local, state and federal spending cuts looming, a Bridgespan Group study examines how government-funded nonprofits are faring and what they believe the future holds for them.

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