Leading for Impact®

Leading for Impact has elevated the level of our dialogue as a management team five to tenfold.
Phil Kilbridge, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco and
Leading for Impact San Francisco 2012 participant

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About the program

Leading for Impact® helps ambitious nonprofits pursue strategic opportunities and build capacity to improve their performance over time. The program has two core components:

  • Customized, team-led projects: With coaching support, the executive team of each participating nonprofit completes two customized projects addressing strategic questions facing their organization
  • Executive team development: Each executive team also receives training in strategic management concepts and tools through a series of day-long workshops. Participating organizations receive support for two years, including coaching to executive teams as they apply new management tools and approaches within their organization.
Leading for Impact® targets executive teams at organizations with revenues of over two million, though typically no larger than fifty million.  

Customized, team-led projects

During the program, Bridgespan works closely with each Executive Director and their team to understand the organization’s priorities and opportunities to achieve greater results. With Bridgespan support, teams complete two projects designed to address those priorities. Each project lasts approximately six months and may focus on questions of strategy, organization, funding, or leadership development—depending on the nonprofit’s particular situation.

Executive team development

Executive teams are composed of individual experts with diverse experiences and skills. While this diversity makes a team strong, successful executive teams share common, strategic goals and approaches to organizational leadership. During the first six months of the program, Leading for Impact® builds this shared foundation through a monthly series of classroom-based workshops exploring the core elements of effective strategy and organization management. The sessions are designed to be highly interactive, emphasizing the application of concepts and tools to each team’s opportunities.

Who should participate in Leading for Impact®?

Leading for Impact® will be valuable for organizations that anticipate making meaningful strategic decisions over the next several years and would benefit from improved effectiveness of the executive team. To help assess fit, Bridgespan will meet 1:1 with interested Executive Directors to provide an overview of the Leading for Impact® program model and to better understand the strategic questions and opportunities facing the organization, as well team capacity to engage. Each organization can then choose to apply.


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