Kate Collins


What I care about: I spend my time and energy on creative ideas to deploy capital to advance economic development, specifically in the areas of financial inclusion, climate change, and food and agriculture. I couple that with an enduring interest in policy and strategic change.

What I bring to this work: On the ground experience in global development and organizational change, which brings a willingness to see beyond research and data and ask what really works to drive changes in behavior and society. I have worked directly with groups of farmers in Malawi, Tanzania, and Kenya to adopt new technologies for agriculture and climate resilience, as well as new financial practices. I am inclined to see beyond what should work on paper to pressure test for what will actually work in the field. I have lived in Malawi, Kenya, and India, and done work in 10+ other countries.

In addition, I just really enjoy this work and feel fortunate to do it. I am an extrovert who loves to see my clients and teammates succeed. I believe in organizations—people coming together—as the most fundamental and transformative unit of society.

My expertise: I have worked across numerous domains from impact investing, to climate change, to early childhood education. Three subjects in particular have attracted a good portion of my attention: policy, food and agriculture, and climate change.

What I do outside the office: I spend as much time as I can outdoors exploring New England. My best weekend day is spent on the hiking trail with my fiancé, oversized rescue pup, and good fiction to wind down the day.

Education: I have an MBA from MIT Sloan, an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School, and a BA in International Relations, History, and French Literature from Johns Hopkins.