Matt Plummer


Matt Plummer is a manager in The Bridgespan Group’s Boston office. Matt has advised nonprofit organizations, and funders, in significantly growing and scaling effective programs and practices to meet the full size of the need. Matt has supported the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation and the philanthropic collaborative it has formed, Blue Meridian Partners, to make big philanthropic bets to help leading nonprofits solve key social problems. He has also worked with several leading nonprofits, including Youth Villages, YMCA of the USA, and BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life). Through work with these nonprofits and others, Matt has had significant experience working in the public health, specifically chronic disease prevention, space and child welfare space.
He is a key contributor to Bridgespan’s knowledge efforts to advance the field’s thinking on what it takes to scale programs to truly solve social problems (what we call “transformative scale”), and in particular, to generate demand for solutions to key social problems. Matt is co-author of an article focused on demand generation scheduled to be published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review in winter 2016. Matt also co-authored “How Leading Philanthropists Fail Well,” (, February 2013). He has also contributed to Bridgespan’s efforts to convince philanthropists to “pay what it takes” – that is, to pay nonprofits enough in overhead to cover their full costs. Matt has worked with over 10 organizations to understand their true overhead rates and helped determine the segmented approach to reimbursing overhead costs described in “Pay-What-It-Takes Philanthropy.”
Prior to joining Bridgespan, Matt was a manager at industrial supply distributor, McMaster-Carr Supply Company, where he oversaw a large logistics department and then marketing efforts to four states. Matt graduated from Yale University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Psychology.



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