Helping Individuals and Families Build Their Philanthropic Portfolios

We understand your desire to have a lean organization while being ambitious with your grantmaking. We listen to what you care about, bring analytical and nonprofit sector expertise, and help you build the philanthropy portfolio that delivers on your vision.


How We Help You Meet Your Philanthropic Goals

We provide a full range of consulting and advisory services customized to your needs. We listen to your philanthropic ambitions and provide you with options ranging from targeted problem solving to long-term outsourced support. You control the decisions. Our services include:

  • Creating a High-Impact Strategy: We engage your heart and your head to create a strategy that matches your vision and delivers on concrete goals.
  • Finding and Vetting Grantees: We help you source grantees or impact investments, perform due diligence, and structure initial grants. We identify high-potential nonprofits, NGOs, and leaders—explicitly casting a broad net to identify leaders most proximate to the issues they seek to solve.
  • Measuring Impact: We help you measure and assess progress toward your impact goals.
  • Supporting Organizational Needs: We identify the resources and staffing you need to meet your long-term objectives. This may include working with search consultants, drafting job descriptions, interviewing candidates, and in some cases, providing long-term outsourced staffing.

What the Valhalla Charitable Foundation Has to Say About Working With Bridgespan

“Bridgespan has been our trusted partner in aggressively expanding the scale and scope of our philanthropy. They work closely with us to hone our philanthropic strategies, then they do the follow through...doing the deal sourcing and diligence we need for crisp decisions. Their insights have multiplied our philanthropic impact—and it’s a lot more fun now with experts at our side.”

Signe Ostby & Scott Cook
Valhalla Charitable Foundation

Helping the Valhalla Charitable Foundation Set Their Strategy and Scale Their Philanthropic Giving

Bridgespan has worked with the Valhalla Charitable Foundation – the philanthropy of Scott Cook (founder of Intuit) and Signe Ostby (who has done strategic marketing and product management for P&G, IBM, Apple, HP, and others in high tech) - to set the strategy for and scale their philanthropic giving. We help by conducting rigorous due diligence onGirl-In-School.jpg potential funding opportunities, and regularly evaluating the impact of their philanthropic portfolio. Over the past few years, Bridgespan has helped Valhalla build a vibrant portfolio of over 30 organizations in four core areas:

  • Early childhood in the U.S.
  • K-12 education in the U.S.
  • Medical research and talent
  • Environmental innovation

Individuals and Families Bridgespan Has Helped to Align Their Philanthropy Portfolios

We have had the privilege of working with some of the most generous individuals and families on aligning their portfolio to their philanthropic ambitions.

Bridgespan's Experts in Philanthropy Consulting