A co-curated, four- week series of cases and blogs that explores effective nonprofit mergers, looking at their rationales, catalysts, and results plus the challenges of due diligence and integration. Brought to you through the cooperation of The Catalyst Fund for Nonprofits, LaPiana Consulting, and The Lodestar Foundation.

Mergers and Collaborations 

The Bridgespan Group


Mergers and Collaborations 

John MacIntosh, SeaChange Capital Partners

03/31/2014 | 5 mins

Mergers and Collaborations 

Rebecca Haag, AIDS Action Committee

03/27/2014 | 4.5 min

Mergers and Collaborations 

Steven Payne, Oakland East Bay Symphony

03/25/2014 | 5 min

Mergers and Collaborations 

Sister Paulette LoMonaco and Laurie Williams, Good Shepherd Services

03/20/2014 | 4.5 mins

Mergers and Collaborations 

Linda Johanek, Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center

03/18/2014 | 4 mins

Mergers and Collaborations 

Serena Powell, Community Work Services

03/13/2014 | 4.5 mins

Mergers and Collaborations 

Kim Thiboldeaux, Cancer Support Community

03/11/2014 | 4.5 min

Mergers and Collaborations 

Elisabeth Babcock, Crittenton Women's Union

03/06/2014 | 4 min

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