Knowledge Letter - April 2019 - How to Foster a New Era of Social Change

04/16/2019 |
Three ways donors can help deploy more "big bets" for social change
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April 2019
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Knowledge Letter
Strategies for Social Impact
How to Foster a New Era of Social Change
By Jeffrey Bradach and William Foster

Imagine a future where donors deploy many more “big bets” against the world’s greatest challenges. To help make this vision a reality, donors can do three things: help NGOs create more big-bet opportunities, join matchmaking platforms, and give big now.
Philanthropic Big-Bets Database: US Donors 2015 to 2018
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Perspectives on Big Bets (

Barbara Picower
Taking a “Hub and Network” Approach to Big-Bet Philanthropy

By Barbara Picower

Using a Big Bet to Transform Women’s Healthcare

By Nancy Roob and Mark Edwards

Rebalancing the Power Dynamic Between Donors and Nonprofits

By Dan Cardinali

Giving that Addresses Humanity's Most Urgent Needs

By David Callahan

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