Knowledge Letter - April 2021 - Investing that Puts Impact First

Three steps for wealth holders pursuing impact-first investing
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April 29, 2021
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Knowledge Letter
Strategies for Social Impact

Investing that Puts Impact First

By Michael Etzel, Matt Bannick, Mariah Collins, Jordana Fremed, and Roger Thompson

Impact investing has boomed over the past decade, driven by the ethos that financial performance can go hand-in-hand with social and environmental impact. But more wealth holders now see the value of putting impact before investment while prioritizing people and planet.
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Building High-Impact CSR Programs in India

By Soumitra Pandey, Shashank Rastogi, Hari Haran, Anushka Siddiqui, Jackson Tse, and Bradley Seeman

As India completes its seventh year of mandatory corporate social responsibility (CSR), it is a good time to reflect on what we’ve learned about how CSR programs achieve impact. Our interviews with a number of programs provide guidance to others for how to improve the impact of their CSR programs.

Complimentary Webinar

Investing that Puts Impact First

May 11, 2021 1 p.m. ET /10 a.m. PT

Early impact investment often focused on achieving market-rate returns alongside doing social or environmental good. But a lesser-known approach concentrates on impact above all, even at the price of lower financial returns. By doing so, “impact-first” funders can extend a financial lifeline to critical enterprises that might be unattractive to conventional investors.

Join our panel of experts as we discuss recent research to address the barriers to impact-first investing. We’ll also lift up inspiring examples of investors and their work. And we’ll provide a three-step map for anyone interested in investing for impact first: 1) clarify your commitment to impact, 2) rely on trusted collaborators to set the stage, and 3) choose the investment options that meet your needs.
Michael Etzel, Partner, The Bridgespan Group
Matt Bannick, Former Managing Partner, Omidyar Network
Lisa Hall, Impact Chair, Apollo Global Management
John Sobrato, Chairman, The Sobrato Organization
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Why the World Needs Both ESG and Impact Investing
Knowing how ESG and impact investing differ can help investors make better investment decisions.

Why Private Equity Should Consider Impact Investing
Three reasons why private equity firms should consider launching an impact investing vehicle.

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