Knowledge Letter - February-March 2019 - Becoming Big Bettable

03/13/2019 |
How to be "big bettable" plus reimagining institutional philanthropy
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February-March 2019
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Knowledge Letter
Strategies for Social Impact
Becoming Big Bettable
By William Foster, Gail Perreault & Bradley Seeman

What makes an organization really ready for a big philanthropic bet? It isn’t always easy, but following these five guidelines can help your nonprofit become a more attractive investment opportunity.
Reimagining Institutional Philanthropy
By Alison Powell, Willa Seldon & Nidhi Sahni

Institutional philanthropy has long held the dominant position in large-scale giving. But historic growth in global wealth and the rise of new philanthropists are threatening old approaches and creating different opportunities for impact and influence.


Racial Equity in Big Bets

Cheryl DorseyHacking the Bias in Big Bets

By Cheryl Dorsey
The president of Echoing Green explains how to get more big bets to organizations led by people of color. ​


Racial equity in philanthropy Look Beyond Inner Circles for Great Ideas and Greater Equity

By William Foster, Gail Perreault & Cora Daniels
Four recommendations for donors who want to achieve greater equity in their giving. 

Informational Webinar
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It's Really Happening: Watching Impact Influence Capital 
By Stephanie Kater
Why Isn't Philanthropy Investing in Urban Slums in India?
By Shreya Deb, Maddie Holland & Sonam Agrawal
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