Knowledge Letter - July 2020 - How Community-Led Efforts Propel Social Progress

How funders can support peer-driven change; philanthropy in Africa
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July 2020
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Knowledge Letter
Strategies for Social Impact

Why “Peer-Driven Change”—and Why Now?

By Rohit Menezes, Simon Morfit, and Willa Seldon

As the pandemic spreads and protests mount, this might be a decisive moment for funders to back the efforts of mutually supportive peer groups as they lead their own change.


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When Peers Work Together to Drive Social Change

By Rohit Menezes, Simon Morfit, Willa Seldon, and Bill Breen

Our Stanford Social Innovation Review article elaborates on how funders can support peer groups.

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Three Case Studies of Peer-Driven Change

Communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rwanda, and Boston reveal what people experiencing poverty can achieve when they work collectively to advance their lives.



Research Brief: The Landscape of Large-Scale Giving by African Philanthropists


By Jan Schwier, Craig Wallington, Maddie Holland, and Wendy Magoronga

More formal philanthropy has emerged in Africa over the past decade or so. To better understand the current philanthropic landscape, The Bridgespan Group’s Africa Initiative conducted interviews with experts and analyzed 63 major gifts of $1 million or more made in five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Here's what we learned.



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Philanthropy’s Distinct Role in India’s COVID-19 Response

Why philanthropies saw COVID-19 as more than a public health crisis in India and how they approached combatting it.

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How African Philanthropy Responds in a Crisis

African philanthropists have made large commitments in response to the crisis in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and elsewhere on the continent. 

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