Knowledge Letter - June 2020 - Nonprofit Scenario Planning and Innovation

Tools for building a post-crisis future
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June 2020
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Knowledge Letter
Strategies for Social Impact

Nonprofit Scenario Planning: Making Sense of Uncertainty

By Lindsey Waldron, Robert Searle, and Alexandra Jaskula-Ranga

Nonprofits can’t be sure how the pandemic will affect society, the economy, or their own field a year from now. But by building scenario plans, they can navigate the uncertainty with greater confidence. This article explains scenario planning, its benefits, and how to get started.

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Nonprofit Scenario Planning Toolkit

Our downloadable toolkit demonstrates a four-step scenario planning process designed to help your organization preserve its mission.
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Nonprofit Innovation for a Post-Crisis Future

By Nithin Iyengar and Reilly Kiernan

Based on conversations with nonprofit leaders, we offer four principles for using innovation to create a path forward—not only in the ongoing waves of the pandemic, but also beyond it.
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If your organization is facing critical strategy or leadership challenges, you know you can’t tackle them alone. Yet nonprofit leadership teams rarely have the time they need to address important management and strategic issues.

Join us for a conversation with Bridgespan specialists about how two upcoming programs—Achieving Strategic Clarity and Investing in Future Leaders—can help. These programs can provide the structure for your team to dig into your important goals, create a shared vision, and make critical decisions—together.

This webinar will cover:
  • Program basics: timing, what you’ll learn in each program, available scholarships, and how to talk to funders about the programs
  • Platform demo: what the online lessons and pre-work look like, and the structure of team summits
  • Q&A with coaches: is this program right for you?
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