Knowledge Letter - May 2021 - How to Power Innovation; Resilient Nonprofits

Fire up your nonprofit's capacity to innovate
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May 20, 2021
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Knowledge Letter
Strategies for Social Impact

Twin Engines for Propelling Social Impact

By Ann Mei Chang and Laura Lanzerotti

The “Engine 1/Engine 2” concept can help ambitious nonprofits make space for innovation while remaining focused on the work they are doing today to meet the needs of their constituents.

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How Nonprofits Can Power Innovation Beyond Their Core Programs

This overview of Engine 1/Engine 2 for nonprofits explains the concept, poses questions to help you decide whether to invest in an Engine 2, and offers a downloadable guide—"Firing Up Your Engine 2: Guidance for Getting Started."

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Resilient Nonprofits Tap into Their Superpowers

By Meera Chary and Bill Breen

Defining and harnessing your nonprofit’s unique assets—its “superpowers”—can help it face today’s challenges, and those yet to come. The second in a three-part series on building nonprofit resilience.


Webinar: Innovate for Impact with Engine 1/Engine 2

June 8, 8-9 am PT /11am-12pm ET

You need to expand your existing programs to meet the growing needs of your constituents, but you also want to develop innovative new solutions to extend your impact. How do you pursue both given limited time and resources?

A concept known as “Engine 1/Engine 2” can help you balance the need to manage existing programs and services (your “Engine 1”) while simultaneously innovating new approaches to impact (your “Engine 2”).

During this complimentary webinar, authors of “Twin Engines for Propelling Social Impact,” Laura Lanzerotti and Ann Mei Chang, will provide an overview of the Engine 1/Engine 2 concept and two social sector leaders, Melissa Connelly, CEO of OneGoal, and Dr. Jordan Kassalow, founder of VisionSpring and co-founder of EYElliance, will share their experiences applying the concept in their organizations.

Join us to learn:

  1. What is the Engine 1/Engine 2 concept, and when is investing in an Engine 2 important?
  2. Why Engine 1 and Engine 2 require different mindsets, capabilities, and success metrics.
  3. How to think about your nonprofit’s Engine 1 and Engine 2.
  4. How to balance the strategic and organizational tensions required to pursue both.
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