Knowledge Letter - October 2019 - How to Move from Strategy to Results

10/28/2019 |
Eight best practices for designing an operating model that fits your strategy
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October 2019
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Knowledge Letter
Strategies for Social Impact

Operating Models: How Nonprofits Get from Strategy to Results

By Marcia Blenko, Leslie MacKrell & Kevin Rosenberg

Many nonprofits have a clear picture of what they want to achieve, but often they aren't organized in a way to succeed. Nonprofits that find themselves in this situation need to revamp their operating model, the blueprint for how to organize and deploy people and resources to translate strategy into results. We describe eight best practices for designing an operating model to fit a nonprofit’s strategy.

Operating Models for Nonprofit Networks


By Mark McKeag & Derek Brine

As national and global networks continue to expand their missions, their paths to success may need to change. The story of Boys & Girls Clubs of America illustrates what it takes to retool the operating model of a national network to achieve a new strategy.


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