Knowledge Letter - September 2021 - Race and Place-based Philanthropy: Learnings from Funders Focused on Equitable Impact

12 funders share what they've learned by leaning into more equitable giving practices.
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September 2021
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Knowledge Letter
Strategies for Social Impact

Race and Place-based Philanthropy: Learnings from Funders Focused on Equitable Impact

By Debby Bielak, Darren Isom, Marion Michieka, and Bill Breen

Against the backdrop of the pandemic and calls for racial justice, 12 placed-based funders share what they’ve learned by leaning into more equitable giving practices and working alongside the communities they serve.
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Impact Investing Sector Series

Impact Investors and the Energy Sector

Impact investors are putting more money into the energy sector than any other. Our analysis of over 70 potential energy investments shows where investors think they can make a difference. 

This blog post is one in a series on trends and themes in impact investing across sectors.

Webinar: How Funders Are Accelerating Equitable Impact

Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Time: 10 a.m. PT | 1 p.m. ET

How can funders lean into more effective and equitable ways of giving? Join a conversation with the co-authors of and several funders featured in our recent field report “Race and Place-based Philanthropy: Learnings from Funders Focused on Equitable Impact” to learn about how they worked alongside the communities they serve to build promising approaches to equitable philanthropy.

During this complementary webinar, we will discuss answers to several thorny questions including:
  • How do we continue to interrogate our personal and institutional mindsets and practices? 
  • How do we authentically engage communities so they can shape our thinking and strategies?  
  • How do we help build more power in BIPOC communities? 
  • How do we more effectively collaborate with, and influence, other key stakeholders in our region to advance community priorities? 
  • How do we partner with public leaders and also push them further to address the root causes—not just the symptoms—of seemingly intractable social challenges? 
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