Leaders Matter - April 2021 - A Framework for Your Organization's Equity Journey

How to approach making equity a priority across your organization
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April 1, 2021
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Leaders Matter
Nonprofit leadership, careers, and recruiting

A Framework for Considering Your Organization’s Equity Journey

By Cora Daniels and Carole Matthews

"Racial equity journey” and “doing the work” often show up together in discussions about achieving equity in an organization. But what do they really mean? A framework created by the Public Equity Group explains the terms and can help your nonprofit understand what achieving equity in service of impact could look like across your organization.
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Race in the Workplace

How can employers and colleagues better support employees of color? What is the most productive way to talk about race in the workplace? Bridgespan's senior director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Raël Nelson James, spoke with PBS NewsHour's Stephanie Sy and answered viewer questions about navigating discussions of race at work. Watch the interview >>


inclusive development webinar


How can organizations enable more staff–especially staff of color–to become leaders? Doing so doesn't have to be expensive, but it does take the intention and willingness to create positive habits as a leadership team and as individual managers. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Which unspoken approaches to performance at your organization may be standing in the way of equity
  • A new approach to leadership development that holds equity at its center
  • A framework for crafting inclusive development opportunities

We are proud to welcome these nonprofit leaders as guest panelists:

  • Herna Cruz-Louie, Chief of Organization Effectiveness and People Officer, Girl Scouts of Northern California
  • Cindy McCann, Organization Effectiveness Director, Girl Scouts of Northern California

This free webinar is sponsored by The Bridgespan Group's Investing in Future Leaders program.

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New Nonprofit Job Board: Impact Opportunity

After 17 years and nearly 26,000 job and board positions hosted, Bridgespan has discontinued its nonprofit job board as of March 31. We are pleased to announce, however, that ImpactOpportunity.org will continue the mission of providing a nonprofit-focused board position and job posting service.

impact opportunity

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