Leaders Matter - December 2018 - How to Optimize Executive Team Composition

12/19/2018 |
How to ensure you have the right people on your nonprofit executive team
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December 2018
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Leaders Matter
Nonprofit leadership, careers, and recruiting
How to Optimize Nonprofit Executive Team Composition
Leadership consultant Nicki Roth has seen countless variations on executive teams, but how do you ensure you have the right people, in the proper roles, on yours? Roth recently shared some advice with Bridgespan Partner Kirk Kramer.
Free Webinar: Build a Best-in-Class Nonprofit Executive Team


team at whiteboardIs your executive team as effective as it could be? A recent Bridgespan survey of nonprofit executive team members found that respondents often felt that their CEOs didn’t effectively address team dynamics and performance challenges, and that their teams didn’t always focus on the right work and often failed to use meeting time well. But there are solutions to all of these issues.

Join us on Monday, January 14th at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET for a free webinar to learn more about why executive teams often underperform and how five steps can significantly improve their effectiveness.

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How CEOs can more effectively manage their teams
  • The ways team composition affects its ability to accomplish tasks
  • How to determine and prioritize the tasks of the executive team
  • Communication approaches that improve decision making
  • The team dynamics that support productive engagement

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Research from the Sector
CEO Search Committee Guide
Leading Edge, an organization focused on building a robust leadership pipeline for Jewish nonprofits, has just released a CEO Search Committee Guide that lays out best practices for CEO searches.

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