Leaders Matter - December 2020 - How to Develop Your Intended Impact and Theory of Change

Best practices and templates for building an intended impact and theory of change
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December 2020
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Leaders Matter
Nonprofit leadership, careers, and recruiting

What Are Intended Impact and Theory of Change and How Can Nonprofits Use Them?

By Lindsey Waldron, Butch Trusty, Preeta Nayak, and Yvonne Bettancourt

Strategy is all about getting critical resource decisions right. But developing a clear, effective strategy can be a long process full of difficult tradeoffs. One way to smooth the path is to clarify your nonprofit’s intended impact and theory of change. These powerful concepts can help your organization refine the goals it commits to achieve and map the road for how to accomplish them.

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How to Develop Your Intended Impact and Theory of Change

These templates can help your organization develop or refresh your intended impact and theory of change. They provide an overview of each step and models that guide your team through critical considerations.
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Latest Resources on Intended Impact and Theory
of Change

This collection includes the above article and templates, as well as case studies detailing how three different organizations approached developing their intended impacts and theories of change. Read more >>
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