Leaders Matter - July-August 2021 - Building Leaders Across an Entire Community

How one nonprofit develops leaders inside and outside its organization
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July-August 2021
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Leaders Matter
Nonprofit leadership, careers, and recruiting

Building Leaders Across an Entire Community

By Meera Chary and Carole Matthews 

In striving for liberation of the Lakota people, one Indigenous nonprofit makes leadership development a community endeavor.
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To build professional development plans for your nonprofit's employees, determine the competencies they need to succeed in their roles. Then employ the 70/20/10 development method to help them learn and grow while on the job. Read more >>

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Bridgespan Webinar: How to Map Your Programs to Your Strategy

If you’ve found yourself facing decisions about which programs to grow, improve, scale back, or even exit altogether, a program strategy map can give you a fresh perspective.

Program strategy mapping helps you evaluate your programs and visualize their impact and financial sustainability relative to one another. With this insight, you and your team can make important decisions about your nonprofit’s work.

Join this complimentary webinar to:
  • Learn more about the program strategy mapping tool and how to use it in your organization
  • Hear from leaders who have used the program strategy mapping tool and learn how it helped them make better decisions about their programs
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More on Program Strategy Mapping

Developing a Program
Strategy Map

This article shares an example of how one nonprofit developed its program strategy map as well as how nonprofits in general can approach using the tool to take a fresh look at their programs’ impact and financial sustainability.

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