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Posted: 5/29/2019

Position Type: Full-Time (Paid)

Function: Other

Primary domain: Education

City: New York

Postal code: 00000

State: New York

Country: United States

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Not Available


Mission statement:

To create a respected, influential, and national network of public schools that are successful in helping students from educationally underserved communities develop the knowledge, skills, character, and habits needed to succeed in college and the competitive world beyond. 

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Great education transforms lives. KIPP, the Knowledge is Power Program, is a non-profit network of 224 college-preparatory, public charter schools educating nearly 100,000 early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school students. KIPP schools are tuition-free, public charter schools open to all students. KIPP schools, KIPP regions, and the KIPP Foundation – are united by a common mission, a commitment to excellence, and a belief that if we help children develop the academic and character strengths they need for college and choice filled lives, they will be able to build a better tomorrow for themselves, for their communities, for us all.

The non-profit KIPP Foundation trains and develops outstanding educators to lead KIPP schools, provides tools, resources, and training for excellent teaching and learning, promotes innovation, and facilitates the exchange of insights and ideas within the KIPP network and with partners including: other charters, districts, colleges and universities, and non-profit organizations across the country.

Why work at KIPP?

By working for the KIPP Foundation, you help more students across the country receive the high-quality education they deserve.  Since our founding in 1994, we've sought to prove what is possible in urban schools – to demonstrate that demographics need not define destiny and that all our students can learn and achieve.

More than 87% of our students are from low-income families and 96% are African American or Latino. Nationally, 94% of KIPP middle school students have graduated high school, 81% of KIPP alumni have enrolled in college, and 44% of alumni have earned four-year college degrees – more than four times the rate of students from similar economic backgrounds.

If you believe all children deserve great schools and programs where they can gain the knowledge, skills, character, and habits necessary to achieve their dreams while making the world a better place, join us!


The KIPP Network Coach, Academics and Instruction (Network Coach) is a perfect position for a seasoned instructional leader, most likely a former CAO, who is ready to make a significant impact on student outcomes across the KIPP network.  In this position, this individual will have an opportunity to work alongside KIPP regional leaders in creating systems for high expectations, accountability, and continuous learning and improvement that will lead to an excellent, equitable education for each KIPPster.

The Network Coach will support Chief Academic Officers (CAO) and School Leader Managers (SLM) in KIPP’s largest regions in developing their ability to create and manage instructional improvement systems within the schools they support.  Initially, the Network Coach will be focused on building systems for data-informed instruction and lesson internalization and planning. They will spend 60-80% of their time on the ground (3-4 days) embedded within a regional academic team; from this position, they will support a case-load of 1-2 CAOs and 5-7 SLMs in diagnosing, prioritizing, and implementing the highest impact systems for change.  They will also support CAOs in creating progress monitoring systems. The Network Coach will have the ability to deploy a growing team of Foundation and external experts to their region depending on need. Ultimately, the Network Coach will hold themselves and their regional teams accountable to student outcome goals.

Beyond direct coaching, the Network Coach will spend 20-40% of their time as part of a KIPP Foundation “home team.”  When working with the Foundation team, they will: identify trends in development areas across the network and ensure the systems that they are supporting get embedded across KIPP regions; support the development and refinement of a national perspective on effective school leader and regional management, including the development of a 70-20-10 plan for this role; play a critical role in the development of a standardized model for evaluating school and regional health; plan for and respond to on-the-ground needs; and, participate in cross-team professional development to build their own skills and knowledge, and that of their team.

The Network Coach reports to the KIPP Foundation’s Chief Academic Officer with dual accountability to the local CAO of the region. This individual will also work collaboratively across the KIPP Foundation and within the KIPP region they serve. In this role, you are at the heart of us building a national capability for schools and regions to benefit from our scale, specifically replicable instructional systems.

Key Accountabilities and Duties

  • Provide on the ground, embedded coaching support to a CAO and 5-7 KIPP School Leader Managers within a KIPP region in the creation and management of instructional improvement and progress monitoring systems.

  • Build systems for Data-Driven Instruction and Lesson Internalization & Planning.

  • Diagnose subject matter expertise needs within the region and deploy a growing team of Foundation and external experts to meet those needs.

  • Collaborate with other Foundation staff to codify methods of building systems within regions.

  • Play a critical role in developing a School Health and Region continuum that will be leveraged across the network to measure school and regional health.

  • Identify trends in CAO and SLM needs and elevate to regions and Foundation to inform future development opportunities for Chief Academic Officers, Chiefs of Schools, and School Leader Managers.

  • Collaborate with the Network Talent Team to codify SLM competencies, a job description and a sample 70-20-10 development plan.

  • Partner with Relationship Managers to ensure coordinated Foundation support to their region; coordinate with other teams supporting their region to ensure an aligned KIPP Foundation point of view with aligned support.



  • Passion for KIPP’s mission and values

  • 10-15 years of professional experience in a K-12 education setting

  • Prior experience as both a school leader and a school leader manager (or regional superintendent), and/or Deputy or Chief Academic Officer

  • Demonstrated success in improving student achievement by developing and implementing policies and practices that prepare all students, irrespective of socio-economic background and English language development, to be prepared for college and choice-filled lives

  • Demonstrated success in building the capacity of Academic teams, School Leaders, and School Leader Managers to build and implement instructional improvement systems that lead to gains in student achievement

  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills, with a proven track record of managing through complexity and ambiguity

  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, with a strong listening orientation

  • Track record of building strong relationships across levels and with diverse groups of stakeholders

  • Exceptional change management skills, with experience successfully leading people towards a common vision

  • Deep self-awareness and cultural competence, with a track record of working across multiple identity groups successfully

  • Is a self-starter with a strong sense of personal accountability and responsibility that can work well in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment

  • Able to spend up to 4 days a week on the ground in a region (New York, New Jersey, and potentially Washington, DC)

  • Willingness to continually learn and collaborate with all stakeholders; is a disciplined listener

  • Demonstrated passion for achieving the educational mission of the organization

  • Demonstrated ability to keep the interests and needs of student learning as a central focus

  • Experience with school turnaround is preferred

  • Training in Relay Graduate School of Education’s instructional practices is preferred


KIPP offers competitive salary commensurate with experience. A comprehensive benefits package, generous vacation and PTO, 401k retirement plan with both pre- and post-tax options, as well as gym reimbursement, flexible spending account (FSA), and cell phone reimbursement are also offered by KIPP. This is a full-time, exempt position.


Commensurate with Experience

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How to Apply:


KIPP Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and an organization that values diversity. People from all diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

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