Math or English Teacher at Teacher Training College

Barwaaqo University

Posted: 8/5/2019

Position Type: Full-Time (Paid)

Function: Education/Training

Primary domain: Education

City: Hargeisa

Postal code: 00000

State: Outside the USA

Country: Somalia

Organization Information:


$1M - $3M


Mission statement:

We believe in empowering Somali women to become professionals who drive development throughout their community. We accomplish this by providing a quality, practical education, which will create well-rounded, ethical women living the values of real work learning, reflective improvement, and strengthening their communities.

Position Details:

Job Description:

Barwaaqo University, a women's teacher training college located in Somaliland, is looking to hire motivated teachers.


Barwaaqo University opened in the Fall of 2017 as a higher learning institution teaching young women to become educators in Somaliland. Barwaaqo is the second education institution supported by the Horn of Africa Education Development Fund, the first is the Abaarso School of Science & Technology, featured in the New York Times and BBC World, a non-profit boarding school educating the best and the brightest Somali students in the Horn of Africa. The schools are located outside of Hargeisa, Somaliland, a breakaway, self-governing region of Somalia. Barwaaqo University builds on Abaarso's success and the need for a quality local university. Barwaaqo replicates and scales the Abaarso education system that focuses on core fundamentals and character education. The school encourages ethics and a strong sense of responsibility for improving the students' community. While only founded in 2009, Abaarso School has achieved success not seen in the area for several decades. After four graduating classes, Abaarso has placed over 60 Somali students on international scholarships including dozens in the United States. Abaarso School graduates are enrolled at top schools including Harvard, Yale, Brown, MIT, Georgetown, Amherst, Brandeis, and many more.


Barwaaqo University is looking for individuals interested in dedicating at least one year to teaching and building our community from the ground up. Teachers will help build a school culture that puts the growth of the school and the students first, while finding a way around the challenges inherent in working in the developing world. Between the classroom, preparation, student groups, office hours, and other projects, teachers should expect 50-70 hours of work each week. With successful performance, significant upward mobility is possible for staff members.


Barwaaqo is seeking math and English teachers to live on campus. Teachers will be involved in the training of student teachers, including observation, and developing curriculum.


We are currently accepting applications to start in September 2019. Barwaaqo University is a women's-only boarding institution and at this time is only seeking female applicants.  Applicants must have at least a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university and proficiency in English. 


Round-trip Airfare, Emergency Health/Evacuation Insurance, Room & Board (no food expenses), $250/month stipend. Total package is approx. $6500 USD per person.


Less than $60k

Posting Expiration Date:


How to Apply:

To apply, please send a cover letter, CV, and university transcript to [email protected]


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