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Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath)

Posted: 9/18/2019

Position Type: Board (Unpaid)

Function: Other

Primary domain: Human Services

City: National

Postal code: 02108

State: Flexible

Country: United States

Organization Information:


$10M - $20M


Mission statement:

Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath) transforms people’s lives by helping them get out of poverty, and provides other institutions with the tools to systematically do the same.

Position Details:

Job Description:

EMPath seeks new board members to help us in our transition from a local Boston-based service provider to a national industry leader in economic mobility. While EMPath is based in Boston, board meetings and board committee meetings are accessible via videoconferencing. Board members do not need to be Boston-based and in fact we are actively seeking board members from other locations, especially New York City and Seattle.

Members of the Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath) Board of Directors have a duty of loyalty
to the organization as well as a duty of care to act in good faith concerning matters put before
them, acting with the same diligence and prudence that they would use with respect to their own
business and personal affairs.

Board terms are for three years and can be renewed once for a total of six years of service. If, at
the end of the second term, a board member is performing an essential function for the
organization (e.g. a leadership role on the board), the Governance Committee can recommend
extension of board membership for one additional term.

It is expected that an EMPath Board Member will serve as an ambassador for the organization,
staying connected to, and conversant with, its strategies related to its mission: to transform
people’s lives by helping them move out of poverty and providing the tools for other
institutions to systematically do the same. Above all, Board members should recognize that
their volunteer service is in the ultimate interest of EMPath’s clients and families. In order to be
a responsible steward of the organization, protecting its financial health and its ability to pursue
its mission, it is expected that Board members will:
* Complete the Board orientation within three months of being elected to the Board.
* Regularly attend at least 75% of Board and committee meetings. There are six Board
meetings per year.
* Actively participate on at least one Board committee. Board committees are:
Finance/Audit; Institutional Advancement (fundraising and marketing); Governance; and
Program/Strategy. Committee meeting schedules vary.
* Take initiative to stay informed about EMPath matters, prepare well for meetings and
reach out to the Board Leadership or EMPath staff for clarification to improve
understanding when needed.
* Make EMPath a primary philanthropic priority through a personally meaningful annual
financial contribution. EMPath is proud to maintain 100% Board giving. There is no
required minimum contribution; however, four and five-figure Board gifts are the norm.
* In addition to annual contributions, support special fundraising drives. It is also expected
that each Board member will reach out to others to raise support for the organization and
to attract new Board and committee members when requested.
* Understand the fiduciary oversight role of the Board as compared to the role of EMPath’s
management team and act within appropriate bounds.
* Help the organization understand how you wish to apply your unique skills and expertise
to achieve mutual benefits through Board service.
* Visit at least one EMPath program site per year to be inspired by and support EMPath’s
mission in action.


Based on our recent board analysis, we have a particular interest in attracting tech and biotech executives, private equity / VC investors, and real estate experts / investors; however, this list is now exhaustive and potential board members could come from a variety of backgrounds. We also have a strong interest in diversifying the composition of our board, and are particularly interested in attracting men, people of color, and people from the LGBTQ community. Some additional characteristics may include:

• Previous board experience – ideally 3+ years; interest in future leadership opportunities is a plus.

• Interest in and ability to help fundraise – we seek to attract individuals with the capacity to give or get five figure+ gifts.

• Strategic growth expertise – we are expanding our impact nationally and internationally through our Economic Mobility Exchange.

• Marketing and Public Relations – raising the organization’s profile as the industry leader in the economic mobility coaching space and increasing visibility of our new name is a priority.

• Financial management expertise – in addition to seeking Finance Committee members, EMPath has a small endowment.

• Experience with public systems that support low-income families (personal or professional experience).

• Willingness to be an EMPath Ambassador – someone who is inspired by the work and enjoys talking about it with others.

• Comfort with diversity.

• Good sense of humor.


Connection to a thriving organization with a very engaged board.


Unpaid Board Position

Posting Expiration Date:


How to Apply:

Please send resume and letter of interest to Nicki Ruiz de Luzuriaga at [email protected]


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