Managing Director, Talent & Operations

Flamboyan Foundation

Posted: 10/31/2019

Position Type: Full-Time (Paid)

Function: Knowledge Management/Learning

Primary domain: Education

City: San Juan

Postal code: 00908-6699

State: US Territories

Country: United States

Organization Information:


Not Available


Mission statement:

Guided by the belief that all children deserve the opportunity to live a fulfilling life, the Flamboyan Foundation works to ensure every child in the US and Puerto Rico receives an outstanding education. In D.C., Flamboyan is accelerating student learning by helping educators and school systems transform their relationships with families. In Puerto Rico, Flamboyan is ensuring students are reading in Spanish on grade level by third grade while building a thriving philanthropic and nonprofit sector.

Position Details:

Job Description:

What You’ll Do

The Managing Director, Talent & Operations position, in the Puerto Rico office, offers an incredible opportunity to work in an entrepreneurial, and collaborative environment that is working to improve the lives of children in Puerto Rico by ensuring kids can read at grade level by 3rd grade and supporting arts and culture efforts to fuel the rebuilding and revitalization of the island. This position reports to the Executive Director of the Puerto Rico office and works closely with fellow team leaders in Puerto Rico and colleagues in the D.C. office. The start date is December 1, or sooner, depending on candidate availability.


Talent & Human Resources:

  • Applying an equity lens to talent strategies, ensure the PR team is effectively supported so that they are able to contribute, innovate, lead and thrive in their roles.
  • Design and implement an effective local talent recruitment strategy that leverages the best of the resources that Flamboyan makes available, optimizes reach into excellent talent with potential to contribute to the success of our efforts, and results in excellent staff hired in a timely manner.
  • Ensure all members of the PR team are effectively on boarded into the organization and their roles.
  • Apply and implement in Puerto Rico all the appropriate and required human resources policies to ensure our talent efforts are compliant with local laws.
  • Maintain confidential and appropriate records of personnel matters.
  • Serve at the Puerto Rico office lead on human resource matters, including conducting exit interviews for employees exiting the organization, collaborating with the Executive Director and legal counsel to address personnel issues.
  • Manage the annual implementation of the performance management process and systems, ensuring all team members have timely and useful information to support their full participation in the process so it serves to help them grow and be most impactful in their roles.

Culture, Internal Communications & Employee Engagement:

  • Steward org-wide culture efforts ensuring they are equitably and effectively implemented in Puerto Rico.
  • Design and implement employee engagement activities such as regular team meetings and culture building events, as well as initiatives to address employee engagement improvement opportunities.
  • Ensure there is an effectively and easily accessible PR office calendar of events and programming, both internal and external, that promotes transparency, effective planning, and efficiency across team efforts.
  • Ensure PR team members receive timely and effective internal communications that helps support their engagement and effectiveness.
  • Ensure managers in the PR team have the resources and supports to be highly effective in the role as people managers, both leveraging org-wide resources in partnership with the D.C. team as well as identifying and using local resources.

Operations, Technology, & Finance:

  • Lead efforts to implement and equitably apply all Flamboyan systems in Puerto Rico, including but not limited to our finance and budgeting system, and talent management platforms.
  • Identify training and learning needs to ensure staff in PR are optimally leveraging the systems and technology available to them and are compliant as required.
  • Oversee all budget related activities, from the creation of the budget to the tracking, reconciliation, and reforecasting, ensuring that other PR team budget managers have effective access to the information they need to make fiscally responsible decisions through the course of the year and at budgeting time.
  • Oversee, design, and implement initiatives to ensure that PR team members are optimally stewarding the resources of the organization, are adhering to high standards for risk management, and are using resources strategically, including people, time and money.
  • Ensure the PR team has the technology resources and tools necessary to optimally perform their work in the island as well as engage with their D.C. colleagues and org-wide engagements.
  • Oversee all aspects of office operations of the Flamboyan PR office, ensuring that equity is infused throughout our day to day work.

Strategic Planning & Annual Work Plans:

  • Lead efforts to ensure the PR team is effectively leveraging, implementing, and continuously assessing the multi-year strategic plan and their corresponding annual plans. This includes but is not limited to: ensuring there are quarterly Stepbacks or other forms of review of progress toward goals, ensuring that teams are appropriately capturing the data and information on indicators (and other related factors) required to assess progress toward goals, gathering lessons learned on the process and systems and sharing those across the team and organization to strengthen practices, and other activities that can ensure the strategic plan is a living and helpful resource that guides and inspires great work.
  • Ensure that the ED and PR managers are supported in collaborating within the PR team and with their DC colleagues in the implementation of the strategic plan and have space to think, learn and evolve the plan as needed.
  • Set up any needed customized tools or processes to optimally engage the PR team in the implementation of the strategic plan and any needed planning processes of phases within the multi-year plan period.
  • Implement locally processes for staff to create Annual Work Plans that include Measures of Success for all team members, ensuring these are well developed, documented and completed in a timely manner.

Other responsibilities:

  • Manage one or two team members that directly execute on aspects under the purview of this role, primarily administration and operations responsibilities.
  • Actively contribute as part of the PR leadership and managers team.
  • Serve as a close partner to the Executive Director in ensuring the PR office is operating optimally, in alignment with the strategic plan, and creating the conditions for team members to do their best work individually and collectively.



  • Bachelor's degree required
  • Minimum 6 years professional experience
  • Successful experience with project management
  • Successful experience in leading teams to create strategic plans, action plans, and measures of success
  • Experience managing organizational operations, including finance and human resources
  • Knowledge of Puerto Rico’s nonprofit and education sector preferred
  • Human resources, legal hiring parameters and experience with recruitment desired
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills in both Spanish and English


Flamboyan offers a competitive salary commensurate with experience in a similar position, a comprehensive benefits package, generous vacation time, and professional development opportunities. We are a people-centered, flexible, family-friendly workplace with a beautiful office environment.


Commensurate with Experience

Posting Expiration Date:


How to Apply:

Please submit your resume and tailored cover letter online at: It is in your best interest to apply as soon as possible. We recommend that your cover letter include why you are interested in Flamboyan Foundation and how your experience has prepared you for this role.

Note that the application must be completed in one sitting - it cannot be saved and edited later. We recommend completing it in one sitting or answering the questions offline and copying them to the application when you are ready to submit. Applications submitted by November 22, 2019, will receive best consideration. 

Flamboyan Foundation is committed to being an inclusive organization that challenges historical inequity with a focus on dismantling systemic racism. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation gender identity or expression, veteran status or disability. We encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply.


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