Program Lead

Freedom Forward

Posted: 11/15/2019

Position Type: Full-Time (Paid)

Function: Programs

Primary domain: Youth Development

City: San Francisco

Postal code: 94103

State: California

Country: United States

Organization Information:


$0 - $1M


Mission statement:

Freedom Forward is working to improve systems in San Francisco to make the commercial sexual exploitation of youth less likely and less harmful, and ensure that those who’ve experienced it have opportunities to thrive.

Position Details:

Job Description:

Position: This position will be called the "Launchpads Lead" at Freedom Forward

Reports to: Executive Director

Type: Full-time

Location: San Francisco, CA

Position Duration: A minimum of 2 years

About Freedom Forward

Founded in late 2016, Freedom Forward ( is working to improve systems in San Francisco to make the commercial sexual exploitation of youth less likely and less harmful, and ensure that those who have experienced it have opportunities to thrive. Our guiding principles include listening to youth, fostering thoughtful innovation, embracing complexity, weaving a connected ecosystem, nourishing strengths and wellbeing, and approaching our work with humility but not fear. Current projects tackle systemic change through collaborations that pilot new approaches to serving youth in foster care and in the community, and developing resources and tools to assist youth and the adults in their lives.

Position Overview

This position will oversee the launch and piloting of “Launchpads” (see a new, Airbnb-like platform and community of support to connect hosts who have space available for rent in their homes with compatible 18 to 21-year-old San Francisco foster youth looking for housing. The platform will be supplemented with programming to support recruiting and vetting potential hosts, appropriately matching youth and hosts, creating a vibrant community of youth and hosts, and assisting them with regard to ancillary costs, among other things. Over time, Launchpads may expand to include other geographic areas and/or other types of matching, such as connecting minors in foster care with the right foster families, connecting youth with mentors who have relevant experience, etc.

This position will ensure the successful launch, maintenance, evaluation, and ongoing improvement of the platform and its associated programming. A team of professionals and volunteers across several organizations has begun working on this project and will stay closely involved.

Position Responsibilities

Position responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Launchpads Design and Development

       Work collaboratively with a team of thought partners, designers, and tech developers, as well as with local government administrators, community organizations, and people with relevant personal experience to further refine the Launchpads model

       At a high-level, oversee the development of the technological platform, consistent with the scope of the project and building on what has already begun, by liaising with our product management and product design partners (and possibly, to a lesser extent, with the tech developers)

       Develop the associated programming, including creating a strategy for building and supporting a robust community of hosts and youth

       Identify and secure any necessary partners for pilot implementation

       Coordinate timelines and deliverables with all members of the team and all partners

Launchpads Implementation and Continuous Improvement

       Ensure successful project launch, including recruiting a sufficient number of hosts to launch the platform

       Work toward housing at least 50 youth through Launchpads within the first 3 years

       Develop and maintain partnerships and relationships to ensure project’s success, including maintaining continuous communication across partners

       Coordinate regular programming and/or community-building activities for the Launchpads youth and host communities, either directly or through partnerships with other providers

       Ensure Launchpads platform collects basic information with regard to certain entitlements, and refers youth to relevant services in the areas of employment, education, physical health, and mental health, as appropriate

       Oversee the design, development, and effective usage of all knowledge management systems (tracking of implementation, participant database, etc.)

       Oversee successful completion of deliverables to partners and funders

       Work with Freedom Forward and external partners to ensure the integration of Launchpads with related initiatives at Freedom Forward and in the community

       Based on lessons learned through implementation, oversee the continuous improvement to the platform and programming

       Based on lessons learned through the first year following the launch, oversee the direction of future expansion of the platform’s functionality and supportive programming

Launchpads Marketing and Communications

       Develop and implement a marketing strategy and materials to effectively recruit hosts

       Develop and implement a marketing strategy and materials to increase awareness among eligible youth

       Conduct presentations at community events and companies to support host recruitment

        Promote Launchpads to the press

Launchpads Learning and Evaluation

       Develop and implement an internal monitoring and evaluation plan

       If appropriate, develop and maintain a partnership with an external evaluator to conduct an evaluation the pilot over time

       Stay up-to-date on key trends in the field, including promising approaches to support older foster youth and innovative models for affordable housing, intergenerational housing, or host homes

      Continuously capture key learnings to be shared externally on a regular basis

      Document and codify all necessary information to ensure Launchpads can be expanded and/or replicated elsewhere


           Commitment to Freedom Forward’s mission and values

           Exceptional project management skills and attention to detail

           Strong data analysis skills and ability to extrapolate insights

           Exceptional relationship-building and management skills

           Strong written and oral communication skills

           Familiarity with California’s child welfare system, including extended foster care

           Enthusiasm for working in a fast-paced startup environment

Ideal candidates will also have:

           Experience working with youth, especially youth impacted by foster care, juvenile justice, or housing instability

           Experience working with and/or deep understanding of the child welfare system and juvenile probation systems, particularly in San Francisco

           Marketing and communications expertise

           Experience working with tech product developers and/or designers

           Track record developing and executing a new program

           Experience developing and managing a team


The salary range for this position is commensurate with experience. Benefits include health and dental insurance, and paid time off.


$75k - 90k

Posting Expiration Date:


How to Apply:

Send a cover letter, resume, and contact information for 3 references to [email protected]


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