Managing Director, Advisory


Posted: 3/2/2020

Position Type: Full-Time (Paid)

Function: Other

Primary domain: International/Foreign Affairs

City: San Francisco

Postal code: 94105

State: California

Country: United States

Organization Information:


$1M - $3M


Mission statement:

The ability to prove who you are is a basic human right and critical to a life of dignity and opportunity. But over 1 billion people, including over 230 million young children, are unable to prove their identity through any recognized means. As such, they are unable to access vital services, participate as a citizen or a voter, or transact in the modern economy. 

There is increasing urgency, at many levels, to close this identity gap quickly and, by harnessing the power of information technology, address it digitally. But it is also plainly clear that digital ID solutions, if not thoughtfully designed and carefully implemented, pose massive risk. Increased interest in closing the ID gap has, unfortunately, accelerated programs that pay little heed to privacy or user-management. 

Founded in 2016, the ID2020 Alliance is a global partnership that is working to accelerate the adoption of user-managed, privacy-protecting and portable digital ID. Sustained, multi-stakeholder collaboration is vital to ensure that technology development is informed by the needs of countries and individuals and that programs and policies reflect recent technical innovations. As a partnership of global businesses and non-profit organizations, we have a route to impact at a scale commensurate to the challenge.

ID2020’s newly launched Advisory Services team helps to accelerate the uptake of “good” digital ID programs by providing upstream strategy support, program design, technical assistance, and monitoring and evaluation capabilities for governments, nonprofits, and private sector companies. 

We have ambitious plans that will require an incredible team with fresh perspectives and a willingness to think outside the box. Our team is comprised  of individuals who both dream and do, and who infuse their work with a deep commitment to ID2020’s mission and values (ID2020 Manifesto).

Position Details:

Job Description:

The Managing Director, Advisory Services will bring a nuanced understanding of potential use cases for digital ID solutions, seasoned management consulting experience, and an entrepreneurial mindset to lead our advisory work. 

Reporting directly to the Executive Director, and part of a four-person executive team, the Managing Director, Advisory Services will:

  1. Build the Advisory Services team into a self-sustaining business unit by developing a pipeline of prospective clients for our advisory services and maintain ultimate responsibility for planning and delivery against the budget
  2. Develop and implement ID2020’s long-term Advisory strategy, including:
    1. Strategic, evidence-based and outcome-oriented use of ID2020 advisory services to accelerate the adoption of “good” digital ID programs
    2. Oversight o performance and achievement of the relevant KPIs
    3. Effective risk management that includes both programmatic and fiduciary risks, maintaining a close liaison and feedback loop with the Ethics and Risk Advisory Committee
    4. Ensure that learnings are captured, analysed, acted upon, and fed back into relevant policies and processes
  3. Provide mentoring, guidance, supervision and professional development to the Advisory team so that the team stays ahead of the curve, is professional, action-oriented and knowledgeable, and earns the trust of partners, governments and clients.
  4. Build strong relationships with key counterparts in government, with members of the Alliance, and with other stakeholders. 
  5. Communicate the organization’s mission and vision internally and externally, including with current and future partners and other key stakeholders.
  6. As a member of the senior leadership group, contribute to ID2020’s corporate and strategic thinking.
  7. Model ID2020’s culture and values, fostering an environment of team-work, accountability, creativity, and innovation


You are a recognized leader, highly entrepreneurial, meticulous and persuasive. You have worked in global development, and likely have a background in management consulting. At some point in your career, you may have run your own business or held an early, influential role in a rapidly-expanding start-up. You have:

  1. 15 + years of relevant experience in management consulting, or a related industry
  2. Significant experience managing programs in global development and wide respect in the development community
  3. Experience managing and building a team, including P&L responsibilities
  4. Experience working with government stakeholders and large companies
  5. An excellent understanding of digital ID and related  benefits and risks would be a significant asset

To be successful, you’ll be highly autonomous, with strong problem-solving capabilities and a comfort switching between the big-picture and the tactical. You’re adaptable and don’t get bent out of shape easily, which will allow you to thrive in our fast-paced, dynamic environment. You’ll also have:

  1. A growth mindset -- you are committed to iterative and continuous improvement through principled self-reflection, investigation, experimentation and analysis.
  2. Excellent relationship management skills – you build and maintain strong partnerships easily because you make your partners feel heard and can build trust easily. 
  3. Excellent communication skills – you can get your message across clearly and effectively through a professional email to a high-level executive, a board presentation, or a casual conversation.


Not Specified


Commensurate with Experience

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How to Apply:

Please submit an application online here: 

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  2. (Optional) follow-up emails if we have questions about your application.
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  4. Phone/Skype interview. To ask you a bunch of questions, and answer yours.
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