Board of Director, Secretary

Babies of Homelessness

Posted: 6/16/2020

Position Type: Board (Unpaid)

Function: Administration/Operations

Primary domain: Human Services

City: Seattle

Postal code: 98034

State: Washington

Country: United States

Organization Information:


$0 - $1M


Mission statement:

Our mission is to deliver basics to families experiencing homelessness in Greater Seattle. No waitlist. No referral process. The children’s needs are always our top priority. 

Position Details:

Job Description:

  • Serves on Executive Committee, meaning it acts on behalf of the full board. Its main purpose is to facilitate decision making between board meetings or in urgent and crisis circumstances. 
  • Keeps copies of the organization's bylaws, board's policy statements, and all board correspondence
  • Keeps lists of officers, board members, committees and general membership
  • Notifies board members of meetings
  • Keeps record of board attendance
  • Makes sure there is a quorum at board meetings
  • Keeps accurate minutes of meetings and distributes copies of minutes and actions promptly after meetings
  • Records all motions and decisions of meetings
  • Signs board minutes to attest to their accuracy
  • Records all corrections to minutes
  • Signs official documents of the organization as required
  • In the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair, chairs board meetings until the election of an alternative Chair


Applicants must have a passion for helping the underserved and be supporters of equality in general, given that families experiencing homelessness are disproportionately impacted.


Looking for someone who possesses one or more of these traits:

  • Has personally experienced homelessness
  • Has nonprofit leadership experience and/or served on a nonprofit board
  • An executive who can leverage their leadership skills for a cause
  • A connector who can use relationship skills to rally new supporters
  • A champion who can mobilize support from corporate partners
  • A foundation employee who can help us navigate institutional giving
  • A party host who cultivates joyful gatherings and loves to plan events
  • A philanthropist who wishes to super-charge an organization


Not Specified


Unpaid Board Position

Posting Expiration Date:


How to Apply:

Please email to [email protected] in one or two sentences, why are you interested in joining a nonprofit board and additional information about your interests and background that will be helpful in identifying if you are a good fit for the board of director, secretary position. 


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