President and Chief Executive Officer

Catholic Diocese of Arlington

Posted: 7/2/2020

Position Type: Full-Time (Paid)

Function: CEO/ED/President

Primary domain: Religious

City: Arlington

Postal code: 22203

State: Virginia

Country: United States

Organization Information:


$10M - $20M


Mission statement:

The mission of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the official teachings of the Roman Catholic faith. The Gospel proclaims and the Church teaches respect for the dignity and sanctity of human life, from the moment of conception through natural death, and the duty to serve the most vulnerable of Gods people. Therefore, Catholic Charities seeks to implement the Churchs mission of social justice in the Diocese of Arlington in ways that strengthen individuals, families, and communities. Catholic Charities extends its services and resources to all in need; convenes the Catholic community to fulfill the Churchs mission of social justice; and advocates for social justice and seeks to empower others to do the same. 

Position Details:

Job Description:

Position Closing Date: August 7, 2020 at 12:00 pm EST

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington is seeking a President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) due to the incumbent’s retirement at the end of this year. In leading this respected humanitarian organization and its critical mission of charity to anyone in need, the President and CEO manages and administers a diverse number of compassionate, competent and professional programs and services that strengthen and support individuals, families and communities rooted in the value and dignity of human life.

If interested and you meet position requirements, please submit cover letter and resume.

Position Summary

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Catholic Charities Diocese of Arlington (CCDA) is appointed by the Bishop of the Diocese of Arlington and has the responsibility to develop and execute the agency’s strategic vision and administer the agency's day-to-day affairs. The President and CEO is given the authority and responsibility to operate the agency under the general oversight of the Chairman of the Board subject only to such policies as may be issued by the Bishop of the Diocese. The President and CEO creates and promotes a strong Catholic identity and culture with a vision that creates impactful outcomes in accordance with the moral and social teachings of the Catholic Church; establishes program goals and employee policies, orientation, and evaluation in accord with those teachings; and gives witness to the CCDA Catholic mission to clients, volunteers, employees, clergy, religious, and lay members of the Diocese and to the larger community of the 21 counties and 7 cities in the Diocese of Arlington.

The President and CEO will be a practicing Catholic who is convincingly familiar with Catholic culture and able to represent and articulate the four core values of CCDA: (1) Serving in a way animated by and in conformity with the Catholic Faith, Values and Approach as articulated by the Bishop of the Diocese; (2) Serving those most in need with radical dignity and respect; (3) Integrates concepts of transformative action (i.e., transforming lives) and evangelization (i.e., bringing the love of God to those we serve) into all facets of Catholic Charities activities including service to clients, program implementation, and staff training; (4) Expands and prudently manages the resources of CCDA.


  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant discipline; Master’s of Business Administration desired
  • 10+ years’ experience in senior management or executive positions in business, including non-profit
  • Previous experience working in a Catholic setting with an understanding of how a Catholic diocese operates under a Bishop
  • Proven track record in building and sustaining programs
  • Superlative communication skills, including proven success with public speaking as well as writing and communicating the Church’s and the Diocese’s views on social doctrine
  • Ability to build and foster trusting relationships with fellow team members; members of the CCDA Board of Directors; CCDA stakeholders and donors; and community members and leaders, including local governments and non-Catholic groups
  • Excellent managerial and financial skills
  • Thorough understanding of management and financial practices in all areas and phases of business operations
  • Experience successfully managing budgets for multiple programs, ideally non-profits, and working with finance and technical services oversight
  • Proven success in building confidence with donors and current and prospective supporters
  • A strategic vision for program and resource development and growth
  • Experience marked by a desire to serve, in this case the poorest of the poor and those called to perform such services (volunteers and employees) and those called to support such services (donors, leaders in the Church and communities)
  • The faith, experience, and the leadership, planning, and execution skills to project competence and to build the confidence of the Bishop, the Board of Directors, the clerical and lay leadership of the Diocese
  • Ability and willingness to lead meetings and activities in prayer and to integrate the spiritual and social doctrines of the Catholic Faith
  • Ability to lead in such a way that a wide range of stakeholders from clients to staff (including volunteers), Chancery and Diocesan leadership and personnel, as well as community and other non-profit and for-profit leaders can commit to CCDA and help sustain and grow it

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