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Posted: 11/5/2020

Position Type: Full-Time (Paid)

Function: CEO/ED/President

Primary domain: Community/Capacity Building

City: New York

Postal code: 10122

State: New York

Country: United States

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Mission statement:


The Jewish Community Relations Council of New York (JCRC-NY) is the pro-active central coordinating, convening, and resource organization for the Jewish community in the eight-county metropolitan New York area. JCRC-NY’s mission is to build relationships to advance the values, interests, and security of the Jewish community and to create a more interconnected New York for all.

Central to the focus of JCRC-NY are matters of concern to the Jewish community in the New York metropolitan area – including local matters, regional and national issues, and community relations activities related to Israel and other international Jewish concerns. In addition, JCRC-NY’s work is deeply rooted in cultivating relationships and partnerships with different racial, religious, and ethnic communities across New York. Notably, JCRC-NY’s Missions to Israel program, which has been on-going for over two decades, has included among its participants over 500 elected and appointed officials, ethnic and faith leaders, human service agency professionals, business and union leaders and journalists. 

As a representative organization of New York’s diverse Jewish community, the agenda of JCRC-NY includes a broad array of Jewish activities, issues, and programs reflecting the concerns, needs and aspirations of their community. Local, national, and international events, the concerns of member organizations, and coordination with national organizations, help shape the priorities of JCRC-NY. This spirit of cooperation and accommodation permeates the deliberations of JCRC-NY, which has served as a forum to bring together the various viewpoints and constituencies that make up the New York Community.

JCRC-NY is proudly funded by UJA-Federation of New York. The organization has approximately 32 staff members and is governed by a 69 -member Board of Directors, with a core operating budget of $7 million.

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The JCRC-NY leadership views the appointment of its next Chief Executive Officer to be one of the most critical and influential professional roles in the New York Jewish community. The CEO will be joining JCRC-NY at a unique and exciting moment of transition and growth. 

After 36 years, Michael Miller has announced his intention to step down from his position as Executive Vice President and CEO of JCRC-NY in June 2021. Michael has been an extraordinary and trusted representative of the Jewish community with government and community leaders of New York. Under his leadership, JCRC has benefitted from rare levels of professional continuity, as many of its senior professionals hold tenures of more than two decades. Anticipating this transition, and in response to the evolving political landscape in New York and nationwide, JCRC recently underwent a strategic planning process that identified several areas for the organization to focus on over the next three years. The Strategic Planning Steering Committee, composed of representatives from UJA-Federation and JCRC-NY, engaged in a process focused on strengthening JCRC-NY’s current work while also exploring how the organization could prepare to adapt to a changing community and political landscape.

The plan acknowledges JCRC’s desire and responsibility to create a more connected Jewish community in New York by cultivating deeper relationships with a broader, more diverse set of constituents. It also suggests that with a changing political environment in the city, JCRC-NY should expand its reach and allyship to the future leaders of the communities and parties throughout the city. The plan also recognizes the importance of the Community Security Initiative – a partnership between UJA-Federation and JCRC-NY- that ensures and enhances the security of the New York Jewish community in the coming years. There is considerable acknowledgment that JCRC-NY must also continue to ensure broad-based support for Israel among New Yorkers in an increasingly polarized world. Lastly, the plan identifies the steps that JCRC-NY must take to build a more sustainable organization by developing a new organizational structure, better data, and an improved internal infrastructure.

Position Details:

Job Description:


The CEO is expected to innovate, invigorate, manage, and lead JCRC-NY through its next phase of growth. Along with the Board of Directors, s/he will be the key player in animating the strategic review of the organization and will be responsible for the implementation of that analysis over a multi-year horizon.

The CEO will provide leadership in the following areas:

  • Position JCRC-NY as a leading Jewish agency that is equipped to address the changing needs of the 21st century New York Jewish community. The CEO must enhance an understanding for the importance of JCRC-NY’s mission and its place within the larger Jewish communal structure.

  • Define and delineate the multiple constituencies of JCRC, within the Jewish community and beyond, and develop an appropriate plan to proactively interact with each one. The CEO must be a diplomat and coalition-builder with the ability to navigate among diverse constituents.

  • Lead growth of JCRC-NY’s fundraising program. Develop major donor relationships that will lead JCRC-NY to engage with a larger and broader audience. The CEO will introduce creative and compelling fundraising strategies and collaborate with and introduce individual donors and foundations to unique funding opportunities for new programs and projects under the auspices of JCRC-NY.

  • Professionalize core operational functions and create a workplace of cohesion, accountability and effectiveness among the staff and board alike. The CEO will instill a sense of shared purpose throughout the organization; and promote open communication, collaboration, and mutual respect.


  • Be an evolutionary change agent within the context of understanding JCRC-NY’s history and tradition. Initiate and support innovations, new models, and best practices. 

  • Serve as the chief spokesperson and chief ambassador of JCRC-NY in the Jewish community and throughout the broader New York Community. Represent JCRC-NY at community and non-partisan political events throughout the catchment area. 

  • Articulate a bold clear vision for JCRC-NY, to be shared inside and outside of the organization, to Jewish and non-Jewish communities. Develop a position that resonates with multiple constituencies: local politicians, religious leaders, donors, staff, community leaders and the public at large. 

  • Actively engage and inspire members of the Board in supporting the vision, goals, and objectives of the organization. Implement strategies and programs which carry out the shared vision formulated with lay leadership. 

  • Monitor and enhance the financial equilibrium of JCRC-NY; grow its long-term financial stability by expanding fundraising efforts and developing an inspiring culture of philanthropy. Invest dollars and human resources wisely with common sense and creativity. 

  • Engage, recruit, deploy and retain an effective senior leadership team: mentor staff members at all levels; develop a collaborative and team-oriented culture across the entire organization.

  • Maintain relationships with government officials, their staff, community leaders, the media, and other influencers of public policy.

  • Initiate and mediate thoughtful dialogue on complex policy issues- both domestic issues facing New Yorkers and international trends related to Israel. 

  • Keep informed of the important issues and trends of the day with an eye on the evolving nature and needs of the New York Jewish community. Help formulate policies, guidelines, and statements, when appropriate, about such matters. 


Candidate Qualifications: 

  • Successful experience in growing a complex organization with a demonstrated ability to inspire, think strategically, plan, delegate and accept accountability for one’s actions. 

  • An experienced fundraiser and major gift solicitor; able to increase the support of current donors while generating additional resources for JCRC-NY. 

  • Excellent communication and relationship building skills. Able to further the organization’s reach and effectiveness across platforms and formats through written, oral and electronic means, both in-person and remotely. 

  • Possesses an open, collaborative management style, and places a high priority on team building and professional development of staff. Able to use creative, constructive conversation to forge consensus; delegates responsibilities and demonstrates respect for the talents and judgment of others. 

  • Experience in working with and motivating volunteer lay boards and committees.

  • A strong commitment to building community, as well as the skill to lead conversations with people, internally and externally, who hold a diverse range of opinions on key issues in an open and respectful manner.

  • Knowledge of the New York Jewish community and awareness of the range of Jewish community organizations in New York City and the diverse perspectives within those organizations. 

  • Jewish knowledge base, tolerance, and respect for all denominations of Jewish life, a person who can encourage and model diversity and a “big tent” philosophy.

  • Knowledge of the New York political landscape; “political savvy” that will enable the CEO to effectively mobilize support for initiatives and problem solving, as needed.

  • Ability to develop and nurture bi-partisan relationships with a wide spectrum of political and civic partners.   

  • Knowledge of how policy and legislation are developed and influenced, especially in New York City.

  • Nurturing and optimistic personality. 

  • Financial acumen; ability to work with staff and lay leaders in preparation and implementation of budgets. 

This position description is based upon material provided by the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, an equal opportunity employer.

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