Chief Executive Officer

The Management Center

Posted: 11/12/2020

Position Type: Full-Time (Paid)

Function: CEO/ED/President

Primary domain: Community/Capacity Building

City: Washington, DC

Postal code: 20036

State: Washington, DC

Country: United States

Organization Information:


$10M - $20M


Mission statement:

The Management Center’s (TMC) mission is to help social justice leaders learn how to build and run organizations effectively, equitably, and sustainably so that they can deliver exceptional results toward their missions. The Management Center has worked with more than 1,000 of the most influential groups fighting to advance progressive causes and educational equity in the country, and it has trained tens of thousands of individual managers on the practices that help high-performing organizations deliver lasting results over time.


The Management Center offers:

  • Intensive hands-on coaching services for executive directors and their senior leadership teams;

  • A series of management training courses that supply practical advice and tools that managers and staff can put to work immediately; and

  • An array of published tools and resources that equip leaders to manage effectively.

Throughout all of its work, TMC strives to be equitable and antiracist, because promoting equity between groups—and specifically racial equity—is central to achieving its vision of a more just world. This means that TMC is committed to teaching and practicing approaches that produce equitable outcomes, both in the broader world and within organizations, including its own.

The Management Center was founded in 2006 by Peter B. Lewis, the long-time Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Progressive Insurance. Through his philanthropy, Lewis invested in people with whom he shared similar purposes. He created The Management Center to help talented and passionate nonprofit leaders learn how to get things done through other people - in other words, how to manage. The Management Center is a national organization with administrative headquarters in Washington, DC and has approximately 50 staff located around the country. The Management Center has an annual operating budget of approximately $10 million, with almost 90% of its support derived from earned revenue, and is governed by a 6-member board of directors.

Position Details:

Job Description:

About the Position

The Management Center has been led by founding Chief Executive Officer Jerry Hauser since its launch in 2006. Hauser’s successor will carry ultimate responsibility for the success and impact of The Management Center, ensuring that it delivers on its mission. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the CEO will work in partnership with and through TMC’s executive team to lead the organization, oversee the work of the growing staff, and serve as the head of TMC’s sister organization, The Management Action Center.


Essential Responsibilities

The core of the CEO job entails ensuring that TMC has a clear and compelling vision and plan for its future direction, that there is external and internal support to deliver on the vision, and that TMC successfully executes on its plan, making whatever adjustments are necessary along the way. One critically important part of this work will include leading TMC’s further development and evolution as an antiracist organization. 


More specifically, The Management Center envisions that the CEO’s work will include:


Develop a Strategic Vision 

  • Working closely with the team, develop a vision, high-level plan, and clear goals to guide TMC’s work in the coming years;

  • Lead TMC’s growth into new areas the organization may decide to pursue over time, whether into adjacent sectors of the social justice arena or creating new products and services; 

Advance Racial Equity

  • Ensure that TMC continues its five-plus year journey to focus more on racial equity in internal operations and programmatic work, leading its current evolution as an antiracist organization;

  • Strengthen TMC’s connections with other organizations on similar paths so that they and TMC might learn from, support, and partner with each other;

  • Speak clearly and credibly to internal and external audiences on issues of racial equity and their implications for organizations; 


Provide Programmatic, Operational, and Fiscal Leadership

  • Ensure that TMC successfully executes against its goals, presumably through supervision of the Managing Director (MD), who in turn manages the heads of each of TMC’s key functions (the ultimate reporting structure will be determined by the CEO);

  • Serve as an active resource and support to the MD and other members of the team in strategically important areas, engaging deeply as needed to advance the work where it would be helpful;

  • In partnership with the Chief of Staff and Managing Director, actively lead financial budgeting and revenue goal setting processes and steward the organization’s financial resources;

Leverage Communications, External Relations and Fundraising

  • Cultivate, develop and steward relationships with external stakeholders and donors, increasing TMC’s financial resources through both general operating support and earned revenue partnerships;

  • Directly and along with other members of the team, heighten TMC’s visibility and presence and strengthen its voice within TMC’s target sectors; 

  • Working with TMC’s Content and Communications team, explore opportunities for TMC to develop a digital media presence, including social media channels for marketing, client development, and training purposes;

  • Regularly align the leadership team with key stakeholders: board, key funders, and other partners;


Lead Organization-Building

  • In close partnership with the MD, serve as a talent scout and organizational ambassador to help ensure that TMC has the talent to lead each area of its work;

  • Ensure through equitable leadership, active support, and development opportunities that TMC retains the depth of talent needed throughout its ranks;

  • Provide a strong executive leadership presence and serve as a steward and exemplar of TMC’s culture of “excellence with heart,” building followership from the team and directly making or supporting difficult decisions when needed;

  • Work with the chairs of TMC’s boards of directors (of The Management Center and The Management Action Center) and other board members to ensure those bodies continue to evolve, reflecting the best of our founding ethos and our future directions.



Ideal Experience and Qualifications

While TMC’s next CEO may come from any number of personal and professional backgrounds, there are some key attributes and experiences that the CEO should have to help ensure a successful leadership transition. They include:

Passion for The Management Center’s Mission and Vision

  • Guided by a commitment to achieving justice in the world; 

  • Believes deeply that social justice organizations exist to deliver results; understands that this can happen only if leaders are able to manage organizations effectively, equitably, and sustainably; and brings a passionate commitment grounded in experience to making organizations work;

  • Knowledgeable about and sensitive to the dynamics of social justice movement organizations;

Management and Leadership Experience

  • A strong track record of excellence in organizational management, with the proven ability to coach a senior-level staff, develop and manage a high-performing team, and develop and execute program strategies;

  • A strong track record of effectively leading an organization with a complex array of programs; the ability to leverage strengths across program areas; 

  • Significant experience successfully stewarding and growing an organization’s finances; 

  • Excellent strategic and analytical capabilities and decision-making skills, along with the ability to prioritize goals and communicate to staff key objectives and the requirements necessary to achieve organizational goals; 

  • Able to build the followership and investment internally and externally that will support productively engaging conflict, making hard decisions, and leading the team to reach ambitious aims;

  • Capable of building and sustaining trusting, transparent, and accountable relationships across lines of identity, internally and externally.

Leadership on Racial Equity

  • Brings highly-developed racial equity competencies and practices, as well as insight into how organizations’ pursuit of racial justice deepens their impact;

  • Experience leading an organizational culture change process around racial equity within a complex entity is highly desirable; 

  • Committed to creating a workplace culture that embraces inclusion and belonging;

  • Able to listen deeply, engage in difficult conversations, constructively offer and receive criticism, and apply a racial equity lens to make difficult decisions that impact equity;

Sector Fluency

  • Has familiarity with and credibility in at least one of the social justice sectors in which TMC concentrates its most intensive efforts (progressive advocacy and educational equity).

  • Capable of building fluency and engaging successfully in new arenas, with a highly developed understanding of how to manage so that team leaders can bear ultimate responsibility for work in each of TMC’s key arenas.


Drive for Excellence

  • Understands that TMC’s success depends upon delivering outstanding services and remaining the go-to choice for the organization’s target clients;

  • Dedicated to preserving the high quality of TMC’s work while also interested in exploring ways to build upon its existing programmatic and intellectual assets to create new services and products and enter new markets.


Salary and Benefits

The starting salary for the CEO position is $250,000, plus up to 10% additional as a performance-based bonus. In addition, TMC contributes 5% of compensation into a 403(b) retirement fund (with no match required), and excellent benefits, including at least 3 weeks of paid vacation plus time off during the winter holidays and a trans and gender non-binary health fund.

The CEO can be based anywhere in the US, and during normal times can expect to travel once or twice a month (on the higher end for someone based outside of Washington, DC). To help ensure the new CEO’s success TMC has budgeted funds for coaching or other professional development. 


$175k +

Posting Expiration Date:


How to Apply:

Application Process

To learn more about The Management Center, please visit:

To apply for the position, please submit a current resume and substantive cover letter describing your interest and fit with the requirements of the position to: 

Lauren I. Gumbs, Senior Partner, Gumbs + Partners, via e-mail -

[email protected]  


The Management Center is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to economic, social, and racial justice. TMC is firmly committed to complying with all federal, state, and local equal employment opportunity (“EEO”) laws and strictly prohibits discrimination against any employee or applicant for employment because of the individual’s race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, height and/or weight, disability, gender identity or expression, marital or partnership status, genetic predisposition or carrier status, military status, and any other characteristic protected by law. People of color, women, gender expansive people, LGBTQIA+ people, and members of other historically disenfranchised groups are strongly encouraged to apply.


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