Director of Student Employment


Posted: 11/18/2020

Position Type: Full-Time (Paid)

Function: Client/Customer Service

Primary domain: Education

City: Boston

Postal code: 02109

State: Massachusetts

Country: United States

Organization Information:


$1M - $3M


Mission statement:

Duet ( is an innovative college and career non-profit founded in 2015. Through a partnership with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), we help students in Greater Boston earn college degrees and obtain career-track jobs. We do this by pairing SNHU’s accredited, online, competency-based curriculum with start-to-finish coaching and support services from Duet. Students earn associate and bachelor’s degrees affordably and flexibly with a focus on employment and career advancement.

Duet is currently serving ~400 students across its locations and enrollment has nearly doubled in the last two years. Duet is positioned to grow substantially in the next five years. We currently project that we will be serving 2,000 students by 2024 and will become one of the largest providers of on-time college degrees in Eastern Mass.

Position Details:

Job Description:

Overview of Role
A common cry from employers today is that there is a large “skills gap” in America. The argument goes: there are many job seekers, but too few of these individuals are prepared for and qualified for the positions they are applying for. Job postings go unfilled for months at a time, and companies simply can’t find the right people.

At Duet, we do not believe this to be true. Through our program, we’ve met talented and driven individuals who are capable of difficult and complex work, and many of our students have overcome significant challenges in their lives that have prepared them for the rigors of the workplace. In order to ensure that our students receive a fair look from employers and succeed in the jobs they obtain, we believe we need to think innovatively about career coaching and provide support beyond the traditional resume and soft skill workshops.

To that end, we are seeking a Director of Student Employment to join our growing team. This is an exciting opportunity for someone that relishes the idea of building close relationships with students and coaching them on how to be successful amidst the nuances of today’s workplace. The Director of Student Employment must be deeply curious about a student’s background and experiences and willing to go deeper in an effort to uncover information that perhaps the student can’t even explain regarding their career goals. This work requires operating with a sense of urgency and ownership and the highest level of professionalism.

Key metrics this position will be evaluated on are noted below (there will be sub-metrics used to drive these larger goals and these goals will evolve over time as awareness about the organization and needs grow):
  • 70% of AA graduates are earning $36,000+/yr OR enrolled in a BA program
  • 70% of BA graduates are earning $40,000+/yr OR enrolled in a MA program
Detailed Job Responsibilities
The Director of Student Employment will provide direct support to students and graduates in the following areas:

Job Counseling and Exploration: Our students are incredible individuals, and have a diverse array of backgrounds, interests, and skills. A key aspect of this role will be to work closely with students and
graduates to identify job opportunities where they can leverage their prior work experience, interests and backgrounds. Much of this work requires the Director of Student Employment to ‘decode’ or translate language in a job description so students understand what employers are truly looking for AND help students communicate their experience and skills in language relevant to employers.

Job Application Preparation: The job application process can be unclear and complicated. Often, our students and graduates do not have networks that have prepared them to navigate these processes. There are parts of the application process that are widely considered important but are highly subjective (e.g., interviews). Therefore, the Employment Coach must utilize superb judgment and an individualized approach to ensure that Duet candidates get the “look” they deserve from potential employers and put them on a level playing field with other applicants. This work includes resume and cover letter preparation, interview preparation, and networking support.

On-The-Job Coaching: Our career work is unique in that we not only provide support to students and
graduates during the job application process but also provide ‘on the job’ coaching to ensure that our
students feel supported and successful in their new roles. This work may include helping students learn how to make connections in the workplace or recover from a professional misstep. Ultimately, the Director of Student Employment's role is to provide mentorship, support, and expert advice to our new professionals.

The Director of Student Employment will report directly to our Chief Operating Officer.


  • Unwavering commitment to the mission of Duet including a deep belief in the idea that all of our students/clients have the right to a college degree and a path to a career-track job
  • An interest in, and experience working with, low-income students and first-generation college students from a wide range of backgrounds and ages
  • Believes a challenge is a “problem to be solved”
  • Mature interpersonal style with a proven ability to interact and build relationships with a range of people from diverse backgrounds
  • Ability to motivate others toward achieving specific goals and the ability to quickly assess the profile and needs of various prospective students and tailor the conversation and supports for them as appropriate
  • Ability to personalize every interaction
  • Ability to keep track of lots of information and be detail-oriented
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • 7+ years of professional expertise including experience managing and owning the results of complex projects
Please note that at Duet ALL staff are tasked with the job of student success. This means becoming adept at providing support to our students at every stage in their journey. This will often include jumping in to help a student solve a problem that is outside of your job description. We all share the responsibility for our students’ success and there is no work more important than helping a student remove a barrier and move forward.


Not Specified


Commensurate with Experience

Posting Expiration Date:


How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please submit a resume and a cover letter to Duet’s Chief Operating Officer, Michele Carroll at [email protected]


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