Chair of Fundraising Committee, Board of Directors

L.E.A.D Let's Empower Advocate and Do, Inc.

Posted: 12/14/2020

Position Type: Board

Function: Fundraising/Development

Primary domain: Mental Health/Crisis Intervention

City: Boston, MA

Postal code: 01801

State: Flexible

Country: United States

Organization Information:


$0 - $1M


Mission statement:

LEAD’s Mission:

Empowering Communities, Preventing Tragedies.  Let's Empower, Advocate, and Do, Inc. (LEAD) is the industry leader in mental health education, committed to providing training and curriculum to strengthen mental health literacy, promote lifelong well-being, and build community resilience.

LEAD’s Value Proposition to Clients:

LEAD empowers individuals with no-fluff mental health education to proactively improve their wellbeing and strengthen their workplace communities.

LEAD provides individuals with practical skills, tools, and strategies to prevent mental health crises and improve the wellbeing of unique workplace communities. LEAD’s evidence-based courses and practical resources move “beyond talk” with their tangible takeaways, moving the needle on critical competencies and building resilience in professionals through hands-on curricula. 

Position Details:

Job Description:

Empowering Communities, Preventing Tragedies.  LEAD (Let’s Empower, Advocate and Do) was founded in the wake of the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy by Massachusetts high school students determined to understand why such tragedies take place and how to prevent them from occurring in the future. Alarmed by the lack of mental health discussion in public schools, LEAD developed curriculum and partnered with legislators to propose a bill requiring all Massachusetts high schools to incorporate mental health into existing physical health curriculum. In doing so, LEAD ignited a movement.Since 2015, states including New York, New Jersey, and Virginia have all passed similar legislation.  LEAD has since established itself as the industry leader in mental health awareness training and curriculum that ensures individuals experiencing mental distress can be identified and treated before a crisis occurs.  Understanding the prevalence of mental health issues in our society, LEAD has expanded its outreach beyond schools to under-served and high-risk audiences in summer camps, sports teams, and athletic departments, as well as to corporations. The global pandemic has underscored the idea that while not everyone has a mental illness, everyone can improve their mental health. LEAD intends to continue scaling nationally and transform mental health education as we know it. To that end, LEAD seeks a Board Director with the vision, means, and networks to galvanize LEAD’s Fundraising Committee.  We are looking for a well-connected leader who is passionate about LEAD’s mission and motivated to leverage his/her networks and resources to secure funding commitments which ensure LEAD’s growth and sustainability.  


The ideal candidate has a track-record of supporting similar organizations – either through personal funding commitments or by securing the commitments of others -- and has strong connections to individuals, foundations, corporations, and/or other donors in a position to support LEAD’s mission in a meaningful way.  We look forward to hearing from candidates interested in joining a hands-on Board of Directors and committed to empowering communities and preventing tragedies. Please visit us at .  


Not Specified


Unpaid Board Position

Posting Expiration Date:


How to Apply:

Interested candidates are encouraged to send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]


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