Board Director (Governance)

WIN: Women in Innovation

Posted: 1/5/2021

Position Type: Board (Unpaid)

Function: Legal

Primary domain: Education

City: n/a

Postal code: n/a

State: Flexible

Country: United States

Organization Information:


Not Available


Mission statement:

WIN: Women in Innovation is a registered 501(c)(3) international non-profit organization founded to close the gender gap in innovation, with over 4,000 members in New York, San Francisco, and London. Women are underrepresented as business leaders and thought leaders in the innovation sector. WIN provides action-oriented programming, tools and resources, and a high-impact community designed for women employed in innovation jobs in professional services firms, Fortune 500 corporations, and early-stage startups.

WIN is a community of innovators working together to create pathways for all women to have a seat at the table — or a place at the whiteboard. We are proudly building a world where women are defining — and designing — better futures.

Position Details:

Job Description:

WIN is seeking a dynamic and experienced leader to join WIN: Women in Innovation in the role of a Board Director. The role involves strategic oversight of WIN through the organization’s highest level, decision-making body, the Board of Directors. The role requires fiduciary and governance responsibility to steer the WIN organization towards a sustainable future by adopting ethical and legal governance, making sound financial management decisions, and ensuring that the non-profit has adequate resources to advance its global mission.

The ideal candidate for the position is a results-oriented, passionate and talented leader with a demonstrated track record in business and / or non-profit leadership, with a strong preference for previous experience in serving on a professional board of a national or international organization.

Board Term:

Maximum of 2 three-year terms.

Key Responsibilities:

Fiduciary Duty - Be responsible legally and ethically for all activities of the WIN organization
  • Determine how WIN will carry out its mission through long and short-term planning by adopting and approving an annual Strategic Vision & Growth Plan, which includes an annual budget estimate
  • Help recruit, orient, and develop future Board Directors
  • Hire and evaluate performance of the Executive Director and assess ongoing performance of WIN in achieving its mission
  • Establish policies and procedures for effective management of WIN
Strategic Oversight & Guidance
  • Offer strategic guidance and support to the Executive Director
  • Serve as a trusted advisor to the Executive Director, Treasurer and Secretary, and ensure proper conduct and performance of every WIN team member
  • Collaborate closely with the Executive Director to set the Strategic Vision and Growth Plan for the WIN organization on an annual basis (with possible updates and revisions on a quarterly or case by case basis)
  • Provide feedback and a vote to adopt a Strategic Vision & Growth Plan
  • Ensure strategic and efficient use of WIN assets / resources by making decisions regarding initiatives that are prioritized in the Strategic Vision & Growth Plan
  • Contribute expertise in particular areas of non-profit management (e.g. audit, legal, financial controls, governance, fundraising, and governance)
Fundraising Initiatives
  • Collaborate with the Executive Director to determine the annual fundraising plan
  • Play an active role in leading, enabling and contributing to fundraising activities
Overview of Key Commitments
  • Attend quarterly Board of Directors meetings and other meetings required to make decisions to run WIN and advance its mission (e.g. committee meetings)
  • Review agenda and supporting documents prior to meetings
  • Make an annual contribution to the organization (Give/Get dues)
  • Understand and promote the organization’s mission, programs
  • Be familiar with the organization’s programs, policies, and operations
  • Strictly adhere to conflict of interest and confidentiality policies


  • Significant executive-level leadership in business, philanthropy, and / or non-profit sector
  • Minimum of 10-20 years of professional experience with a demonstrated track record of success and sustainable impact
  • Strong diplomatic skills and ability to forge strategic partnerships between diverse groups
  • Proven track record in building strong and lasting relationships that translate into an established professional network spanning industries, including innovation
  • Prior experience as a board member is strongly preferred, especially in a role that led to impact on strategic vision development, board expansion, fundraising, marketing, branding, fiscal management, and growth of a chapter-based organization
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills and an ability to serve as an engaging and inspiring spokesperson on behalf of WIN
  • Ability to support WIN financially, through give/get dues as well as identifying potential partners, donors, collaborators, and sponsors
  • Ability to participate in Board of Directors and other meetings (minimum one in person)
  • Personal qualities that are in line with the WIN principles of action-oriented learning, openness, positivity, generosity, and diversity and inclusion
  • Genuine and inspired belief and passion for the WIN mission


Not Specified


Unpaid Board Position

Posting Expiration Date:


How to Apply:

Submit your resume along with a short paragraph that describes why you are interested and what you will uniquely bring to the WIN Board and committee to ​[email protected] and ​[email protected]​ by ​January 29th, 2021.


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