Senior Executive Director of Student Assignment

Guilford County Schools

Posted: 2/14/2021

Position Type: Full-Time

Function: Education/Training

Primary domain: Education

City: Greensboro

Postal code: 27401

State: North Carolina

Country: United States

Organization Information:


$20M +


Mission statement:

Guilford County Schools is committed to helping students soar to greatness. Our students, staff, families and community work together to graduate students who are ready to be successful citizens and leaders of the world. 

Position Details:

Job Description:

About Guilford County Schools (GCS)

Guilford County Schools (GCS) is the third-largest district in North Carolina, serving nearly 72,000 students across 126 schools in urban, suburban and rural areas. Superintendent Sharon L. Contreras, Ph.D., is leading the district through a pivotal phase in its development, focused on graduating students who are ready to be successful citizens and leaders of the world. GCS’s leadership team will play a critical role in helping the district reach its top priorities which focus on student achievement, equity and excellence, talent development, school choice, and organizational effectiveness.

About the Senior Executive Director of Student Assignment

Reporting directly to the Chief of Schools, the Senior Executive Director of Student Assignment is a critical leadership role that directly affects the acceleration of improved student outcomes for GCS’s students. The leader in this role directs, implements, monitors, and strengthens all aspects of the student assignment program and ensures implementation within federal, state, and local regulations. The Senior Executive Director of Student Assignment will evaluate and assess the effectiveness and quality of the student assignment process and will develop recommendations to improve GCS’ policies and procedures for student assignment, school choice applications, and enrollment. The Senior Executive Director provides system leadership to ensure equitable access to high quality schools and programming.


Equity Leadership and Student Success

  • Establish a clear vision and mission-driven goals for the Student Assignment team to ensure academic achievement and to provide equitable access and support for all students.

  • Cultivate a commitment among all district staff that all students will achieve high standards.

  • Confront preconceptions and model open dialogue about race, culture, class and other issues of difference with peers, staff, students and the community.

  • Assess the distribution of student supports ensuring allocation is equitable and that it provides the most impactful resources to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of all GCS students, families, and schools.

Student Assignment and School Choice

  • Direct and lead the planning and implementation of the student assignment and school choice enrollment process for magnet schools.

  • Leverage innovative technology and data in decision-making, which may include compilation of quantitative and qualitative data from internal and external sources, analysis and synthesis and articulation of findings to key stakeholders.

  • Prepare and maintain slide decks, data dashboards, communications/publications, and other materials to provide information to cabinet members, school leaders, parents, community partners, board members and other key stakeholders.

  • Collaborate, coordinate, and communicate with district departments (Information Technology, Transportation, School Support, Principal Supervisors, Human Resources) and school leaders to ensure data accuracy and transparency and to support school level programming with necessary resources.

  • Oversee and manage the blending learning programs in coordination with school leaders and principal supervisors.

Systems and Policies

  • Assess the effectiveness of the department and current data systems; prioritize, plan, and implement improvements as needed.

  • Establish systems and processes for quality controls, operational efficiency, and accuracy in departmental work, including but not limited to issues of student custody, student domicile, homelessness, reassignments, and transfers.

  • Communicate and deliver responsive and efficient services to parents and community stakeholders.

  • Use and analyze data to drive decisions and guide problem-solving to achieve positive student outcomes.

    • Share data with broad audiences to improve transparency and communication.

    • Facilitate problem-solving and dispute resolution to ensure appropriate services and resources for students.

    • Address systemic issues efficiently, effectively, and consistently

Talent Management and Professional Learning

  • Supervise, mentor, evaluate and provide professional growth and development opportunities for staff.

  • Support staff in developing, implementing, and evaluating strategy and project plans to achieve goals.

  • Strategically manage and allocate resources (including money, people, time, etc.) aligned to students' needs


Key Competencies

The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following:

Knowledge and Expertise in the Student Assignment

  • Possess a track record of developing and implementing programming to support students both emotionally and academically.

  • Understand and implement student assignment and school choice practices and models to ensure equity, fair practices and ultimately, socioeconomically and racially diverse schools.

  • Leverage technology systems available to streamline the application process and provide transparency into enrollment trends and projections.

  • Interpret and implement federal, state, and local regulations and compliance requirements related to student assignment and school choice.

Project Management and Effective Execution

  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze data, identify trends, and diagnose root causes.

  • Identify priorities, establish objectives, and develop project plans focused on goals and outcomes with clear metrics for success.

  • Monitor progress and demonstrate persistence to overcome obstacles to achieve goals.

Purposeful Communication

  • Communicate effectively in multiple mediums and contexts, tailoring messages for the audience, context, and mode of communication.

  • Create and secure buy-in around a clear compelling vision, demonstrate leadership and confidence in order to mobilize others to fulfill the vision.

  • Address matters of equity, race, and bias in decision-making as they relate to student assignment and school choice.

  • Create the case for change with purpose and intention; skillfully navigate political structures, relationships and dynamics to challenge ideas and enable better decisions and outcomes for students.

  • Listen actively to others and interpret motivations/perceptions with a high degree of emotional intelligence. Seek and integrate feedback from others to achieve significant results.

  • Build positive relationships and coalitions. Maintain visibility and work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders at all levels (i.e. district staff, students, families, communities, advocacy groups, etc.).

Team Leadership and Management

  • Build and lead effective teams to achieve ambitious goals.

  • Assess team and individual skills; identify development needs; and, provide feedback and support to improve practice, build capacity, and maximize talent.

  • Promote professional learning and employ effective adult learning techniques.

  • Lead teams to collaborate purposefully and efficiently with other departments, teams, and stakeholders.

Minimum Training & Experience
  • A clear track record of improving academic outcomes for students and closing opportunity gaps.

  • Master’s degree in educational administration or a related field from an accredited college or institution.

  • Five years of supervisory/administrative/management experience, preferably in a large urban school district. Experience as a teacher and/or school leader with documented success in improving student outcomes preferred.

  • Knowledge of best practices, and awareness of contemporary national trends and research on student assignment practices that ensure equity and access in diverse communities.

  • Eligible for valid NC driver’s license at time of hire.



Salary for this position is competitive commensurate with prior experience. In addition, a comprehensive benefits package is included.

The Guilford County Board of Education believes in the dignity of all individuals and in the worth of their labors. To this end, the Board will ensure that all applicants for employment and all employees are employed, assigned, supervised, promoted, compensated, and terminated in full compliance with state and federal equal opportunity statutes. No applicant for employment or current employee will experience discrimination based on race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, physical handicap, sexual orientation or disability.


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