Entrepreneur in Residence

Promise Venture Studio

Posted: 2/19/2021

Position Type: Full-Time

Function: Other

Primary domain: Education

City: Remote

Postal code: 94025

State: California

Country: United States

Organization Information:


$1M - $3M



Mission statement:

We catalyze innovation and impact in the Early Childhood Development ecosystem by attracting, supporting, and connecting social entrepreneurs, ecosystem stakeholders, and capital to drive outcomes for families facing the greatest adversities.

Position Details:

Job Description:


Promise Venture Studio aims to address one of the greatest social justice issues facing our country — the equity gap that starts long before children enter Kindergarten.  Due to structural racism and systemic inequality, over five million children under five years old in the US are growing up in poverty and more than half of children from low income families are unprepared for kindergarten.  This reality fundamentally shapes lifelong outcomes.  Our work is rooted in a conviction to do our part to build a world where all children, no matter their background, can fulfill their own promise.

Promise believes that social entrepreneurs, as they have in other fields, can pioneer programs, products, services, and interventions that improve outcomes and close gaps at scale. However, compared to the ecosystem supporting social innovation in K-12 education, for instance, social entrepreneurs in early childhood development (ECD) face significant obstacles to building organizations that can achieve impact at scale.  These obstacles include less venture support, less financial capital, less human capital and less intellectual capital.

Backed by leading investors and philanthropists, Promise is a nonprofit venture studio that helps social entrepreneurs in ECD achieve scaled impact in the face of these obstacles - and help the field dismantle these obstacles over time.  We support any venture (for profit company, non-profit organization, academic institution, etc) that is exploring, developing or scaling products, services and programs that improve outcomes in ECD.  In particular, we focus on ventures and innovators best positioned to have deep impact for families facing the greatest adversity due to structural racism and systemic inequality.

We focus on three interdependent strategies to achieve our mission:

  1. We Support social ventures to improve their business and impact models

  2. We Attract new talent and capital into the field of ECD

  3. And we Connect promising ventures with sources of capital (financial, human, intellectual) and to each other to accelerate their progress. 

Ultimately we believe these strategies will lead to more ventures that improve outcomes for children and families at scale, along with more and more diverse capital for the ECD field.


Joining Promise as an Entreprenuer-in-Residence (EIR) is a unique opportunity to both work on your own venture and support the Promise community of 300+ ECD ventures.  Whether you want to find an entrepreneurial idea or already have an idea, a portion of your time will be designated for your own venture work.  We can consider arrangements that would make 10-50% of your time available for work on your own venture.  The other portion of your time will be spent helping our entrepreneurial ventures overcome obstacles to growth and impact through implementation of Promise’s strategy & programs. 

This role truly gives you a unique vantage point to understand field-wide trends, key players and opportunities in a way that will accelerate your entrepreneurial learning and development.  Over time, you could have the option to leave to start or continue working at your own early childhood venture, or join an existing venture in a key role, or continue to grow in the Studio as a core team member.  We are looking for a 12-18 month commitment to the EIR role.

Key Objectives + Responsibilities

  1. Promise Network & Program Support: 

    1. Contribute to the design, implementation, and evaluation of Promise’s Venture Network programs (workshops, events, fellowships, etc.)

    2. Lead key programs and events supporting entrepreneurs depending on your skills, experience and interest

    3. Reach out, vet and invite in prospective Network ventures & innovators 

    4. Contribute to the growth of a network of early childhood entrepreneurs with engaging content via email and social media

  2. Venture Support 

    1. Conduct and manage group and individual office hours, providing strategic coaching and advising in partnership with members of the Promise team

    2. Contribute to Promise’s Resource Library with research, analysis, and original content for entrepreneurs

    3. Introduce entrepreneurs to field experts, prospective customers and funders

  3. Your Own Venture / Entrepreneurial Idea

    1. Accelerate the progress of your own venture, leveraging the Promise team to support you along the way

    2. Serve as an in-house “voice of an entrepreneur”, sharing learnings and ideas with the Promise team on how we can better serve the field

  4. Additional strategic projects as opportunities arise.  For example, 

    1. Develop and vet venture ideas and share learnings

    2. Travel (virtually, for now!) and be an external face representing Promise at key conferences and summits

    3. Support strategic partnerships with leading institutions in the field and co-organize events and speaking opportunities at conferences



Experience & Competencies

  • Professional experience in an aspect of early childhood development (education, health, intervention, social work, family engagement, technology, etc) OR entrepreneurial experience in another field with a strong desire to work in ECD

  • Entrepreneurial mindset - you have a bias to action, are adaptable, work well in conditions of uncertainty, and you may aspire to start your own venture in the field

  • Demonstrated track record of wearing multiple hats in a given role, along with a breadth of skills that support jumping into a diverse portfolio of work (written & verbal communication, project management, stakeholder relationship management, program implementation, for example)

  • Willingness to identify, learn and implement various productivity, social, and programmatic tech / software products to support design and implementation of Promise programs and strategies (A few examples of tech currently in use at Promise - Google suite, Streak, Slack, Canva, MailChimp, Zapier, Zoom, Squarespace)  

  • Critical, analytical thinker who can effectively problem solve and collaborate thoughtfully in a fast-paced, dynamic environment  

  • A willingness to engage personally and professionally in the work to dismantle structural racism and systemic inequality

Values and skills

  • Mission-oriented: passionate about and driven by our mission to improve early childhood outcomes at scale

  • Equity centered: equitable outcomes for children and families who face the greatest adversities due to structural racism and systemic inequality is a north star for you

  • 100% Reliable: we can count on you to follow through, set proper expectations, deliver high quality work and close the loop

  • Strategic: able to set plans and translate into action

  • Excellent communicator: you are an effective communicator in both written and verbal mediums, and can adapt your style to relevant audiences

  • Collaborative: you work well in small team environments, you like bouncing ideas off of others, you enjoy getting and giving feedback, you derive value out of brainstorming and group thinking

  • Organized: you know how to to build the right processes to get work done in the most efficient and effective way with your team; you stay on top of various work streams and communications

  • Connector: you enjoy meeting new people and are known for building great relationships

A plus if you have

  • Entrepreneurial program creation and leadership development experience

  • Project management experience

  • Depth in at least one area of venture development (product, service, technology, sales, consulting, operations, marketing, etc) 



  • Making catalytic impact on one of our country’s most complex social challenges

  • Steep growth and responsibility with a small, dynamic, scrappy team

  • A joyful and supportive team environment, with teammates who take the work extremely seriously, but will never miss an opportunity to make space for laughter

  • The chance to observe, practice and learn entrepreneurship, with mentoring from serial entrepreneurs

  • Visibility to and relationship-building with cutting edge entrepreneurs, researchers, experts, funders, practitioners, and more in the early childhood field

  • Competitive salary and exceptional benefits

Location: Remote (U.S.)


Commensurate with Experience

Posting Expiration Date:


How to Apply:


Submit your resume, LinkedIn profile and a note explaining your interest in this role to [email protected]


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