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Gender Equity Network

Posted: 2/22/2021

Position Type: Full-Time

Function: CEO/ED/President

Primary domain: Other

City: Remote Position

Postal code: 10016

State: Flexible

Country: United States

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Not Available



Mission statement:


Gender Equity Network is comprised of four organizations that are each approaching the gender equity dialogue from a unique perspective and voice with a focus on education, advocacy and caring for the needs and vulnerabilities of boys and men. The following organizations are represented by Gender Equity Network:

The Boys Initiative: Boys and young men are struggling in myriad areas from educational attainment to suicide and drug overdose deaths. It is essential that we give attention to their problems and needs. The Boys Initiative works to raise awareness, reform public policy and provide solutions for the issues and negative trends affecting the well-being and success of boys and young men in our nation and around the world

Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE): If you are in an abusive relationship, services should be available to you regardless of gender, sexuality, disability or age. SAFE provides education, advocacy for public policy reform and services for domestic violence victims by supporting those who typically fall between the cracks of traditional domestic violence programs. SAFE provides programs, educational materials, resources, speakers, media appearances and public awareness campaigns. 

Family Reunion: Family Reunion works to help couples get together, stay together, or work together in supporting their children when they cannot live together. Except in cases of serious pathology, there is no longer any debate about the science showing that children benefit from having two actively involved parents. Family Reunion provides education, public policy advocacy, and resources to ensure that healthy families are the foundation of communities and society.

Women Against Paternity Fraud (WAPF): Federal law aggressively demands that states identify a father for children seeking welfare benefits in order to pursue child support from that father, but there is no obligation or incentive to identify the actual biological father and enormous numbers of children are damaged by false paternity establishments, particularly among low income minority individuals where the falsely identified person lacks resources to defend against bureaucratic error. Paternity Fraud has devastating effects on families and is collectively a men’s, women’s and children’s issue since all are adversely affected by a false paternity establishment. WAPF educates the public, media, and policy makers on issues relating to paternity fraud.

While each organization is currently financially and legally independent, they share a common board and staff. 

Position Details:

Job Description:


The Executive Director must be a visionary, entrepreneurial leader who will gradually and systematically grow the organizations and bring these issues to the top of the public agenda. The Executive Director must have a passion for and extensive experience in the gender equity field. The Executive Director must be able to cultivate, build, and maintain strong relationships with a wide range of partners; including all levels of public and corporate policy influencers, lawmakers, funders, community leaders, and the broader public community to raise awareness and advance these issues.

The new Executive Director will report into and work collaboratively with the Board Chairman in leading and mobilizing these organizations and causes. The organization’s current staff and volunteers are remote and spread across the country. Accordingly, the location of the Executive Director is entirely flexible and can be based anywhere in the United States or, possibly, Canada.

Specifically, the Executive Director will ensure that Gender Equity Network’s fiscal, operations, fundraising, marketing, human resource, technology, and programmatic strategies are effectively implemented across all segments of the organization.

ResponsibilitiesStrategic Vision and Leadership
  • Collaborate with the Chairman to develop and implement a strategic plan while ensuring that the budget, staff, volunteers, and priorities are aligned with each organization’s core mission.

  • Provide leadership and direction to staff, volunteers, and interns to ensure the continued development and management of a professional and efficient organization.

  • Develop the board; engage donors and strategic partners to build a diverse and inclusive Board with capacity from a funding and committee perspective.

  • Establish effective decision-making processes that will increase the impact of each organization and its ability to achieve its long- and short-term goals and objectives.

  • Represent Gender Equity Network organizations in the community.

  • Develop and implement a fundraising plan that diversifies the organizations’ funding streams by identifying and cultivating relationships to generate revenue from major donors, including individuals, foundations, government agencies, and corporations.

  • Ensure that the flow of funds permits the organizations to make continuous progress toward the achievement of their missions and that those funds are allocated properly to reflect present needs and strategic goals.

  • Oversee the administrative consolidation of the four organizations into one organization in partnership with the Chairman.

  • Ensure the organizations comply with all regulatory compliance, registrations and licenses, and that tax filings are in order.

  • Oversee the financial status of the Gender Equity Network including developing long and short-range financial plans, monitoring the budget and ensuring sound financial controls are in place.

Communications/External Relations
  • Work with staff and volunteers to oversee internal and external communications including weekly newsletters and web presence across each organization.

  • Lead marketing efforts and/or bring in resources to raise awareness of each organization and its mission.

  • Serve as a public face and voice of the Gender Equity Network to partners, stakeholders, media, funders, and the community.

  • Build advocacy campaigns to positively influence public and corporate policies around gender equity.

Human Resource Management 
  • Develop and implement an organizational structure that supports the nature of the organizations and work.

  • Develop, support and motivate the organizations’ staff and volunteers.

  • Ensure a continuous pipeline of dedicated volunteers.



  • Demonstrated progressive management experience and success.

  • A commitment and passion to issues related to gender equity, recognizing that boys and men must have dedicated support systems and care.

  • A proven track record of success in the cultivation, stewardship, and closing of gifts from major donors and foundations.

  • Superior communication skills to be leveraged both internally and externally; ability to adapt tone and language based on the audience.

  • Excellent relationship builder.

  • Understanding of legislative and administrative policy issues and ability to lead these efforts to mobilize the community in impactful advocacy.

  • Expertise in leadership and management principles as they relate to nonprofit and volunteer management.

  • A financially literate and politically astute leader with the ability to set clear priorities, delegate, and guide investment in people and systems.

  • Successful track record of recruiting and retaining a diverse staff and volunteers.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit to drive the vision of each organization forward.

  • Willingness to continue to develop non-profit leadership skills through regular training and collaboration with other successful non-profit organizations.


Not Specified


$100k - 120k

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