Nonprofit networks are one of the most important global forces for addressing major social issues and making
a difference in peoples’ lives. Networks have unparalleled access to many of the world’s most vulnerable
people through their deep connections to local communities. Many networks have hundreds, sometimes
thousands, of sites, which uniquely position them to deliver beneficial services on a broad scale.

Types of nonprofit networks we serve

The US-based national nonprofit networks we work with primarily are large direct-service organizations with
many sites or affiliates, all of which operate under a single brand name. Some of these networks are federated,
with a national office and multiple affiliates that are all separate legal entities, such as the YMCA, Boys &
Girls Clubs, and Feeding America. Others are centrally controlled, with a national office and multiple sites all
operating as a single, combined legal entity, such as the Alzheimer’s Association, Year Up, and Youth Villages.

We also have extensive experience working with large global international NGOs, which have an international
hub or headquarters and multiple country offices. This includes Save The Children, World Vision, The Nature
Conservancy, and The Salvation Army. Often, international NGOs and US-based networks face similar
challenges and undertake similar initiatives, so lessons can frequently be shared among them.

How Bridgespan works with networks

Our work with national networks spans multiple sectors, including education, youth development, public
health, and global development. National network leaders, their funders, and the communities they serve are
seeking new ways to increase impact for beneficiaries. Across all our work we understand the importance of
engaging multiple stakeholders, including leaders and volunteers (e.g., board members) at both the national
and local levels, in order to advance new strategies and initiatives.

We consult to both the national offices of federated and centrally controlled networks as well as work directly
with their local affiliates through individual consulting engagements and our Leading for Impact® program, a
two-year consulting and capacity building program for nonprofit executive teams.

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The team at Bridgespan is incredibly strong and talented. They bring a diverse and creative set of skills to the table; applicable in the strategic formation of breakthrough organizational transformation. With an exceptional sense of reality, Bridgespan works with all constitute groups to assemble a shared plan that resonates and moves to execution.

Jim Clark
President and CEO, Boys and Girls Clubs of America

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