Every engagement is highly customized, focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities of the donors and their organizations. A primary aim of our work is to help build the capacity of donors and their staffs to collaborate most effectively with grantees. We do this by framing discussions around important decisions: which values and beliefs will guide the donor’s philanthropy, what does success looks like and what will it take to get there, and how will the donor learn and get better results over time?

Bridgespan has been our trusted partner in aggressively expanding the scale and scope of our philanthropy. They work closely with us to hone our philanthropic strategies, then they do the follow through...doing the deal sourcing and diligence we need for crisp decisions. Their insights have multiplied our philanthropic impact—and it’s a lot more fun now with experts at our side.

Signe Ostby and Scott Cook

Bridgespan has been an invaluable partner in the Raikes Foundation’s work to foster environments that cultivate learning mindsets and skills for students—particularly those of color and from low-income backgrounds. With Bridgespan's collaboration and expertise, we translated our aspirations into an actionable strategy that will work as well for us as for our grantees and partners.

Jeff and Tricia Raikes, Raikes Foundation

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